British plastic card maker Oomph has collected 40 such logos—check them out below. The six pointed stars linked to satrun … I believe the devil wants to wipe out Christians let us be strong in prayer. The society u… Monster 666 is pretty much guaranteed. I understand that we all want and need to believe in a supernatural hero to come and save our lives but, that only happens in the theaters or on tvs a while latter. Companies and the government are obsessed with subliminal messages because they are effective at manipulating our thought patterns at the subconscious level. As soon as we see the Coca Cola or the Apple logo, for instance, we know exactly what the brand is … They also sometimes place hidden messages in their logo’s but do company’s place satanic symbols in their logos, or is this just coincidence? But of course, it's hardly the only logo with a "hidden message." It’s kind of freaky…when you think about it… This isn’t malarkey…this is the truth! Here are 10 examples of hidden satanic symbols, you decide! Used 49 times in Scripture, the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. Don’t be a fool in your folly or be one, your choice our loving Father gave you. It comprises a sun orb flanged by 2 wings. Live your life through God, not satan and you will be blessed. the world knows a knowledge Gap! Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / 20 Logos With Hidden Satanic Messages (3948 Views) Video: MMM Is Satanic - Apostle Suleiman / Satanic Statue Baphomet Unveiled In The U.s / Illuminanty Satanic … Some of the more marginal things of course may or may not be disregarded depending on the person. This is all very true and real. But, Satan is very sneaky, and very crafty. The people doing the “Who has time to do this”, “errr, you’ll find it everywhere if you look hard enough”. Yeah, personally I think it is a bit of a stretch! All these are rumours. Pepsi has been much in news for this.Once during summer pepsi introduced these cans that spelled out SEX. sad how many idiot brainwashed people there are out there. Then say its fake if it can help you sleep at night, everything what they saying its the truth and all these people that comment here a close minded ignorant and sleep they love the lies but scared of the truth and hate the truth because they can’t deal with it that they do exist. Once you see the 33 you’ll never be able to see the duck foot anymore. what a pity on what you said poor & stupid guy ! every product that we touch are named after the Fallen Angels Nikes,Adidas famous namebrand clothes jeans women’s handbags shoes men shoes and close to restaurants stores and if you check out all the symbols that are in these new cars you see that the symbols belong Satan and the Fallen Angels movies music I’m telling you everything we touch and in the Bible it says we should not touch anything that filthy from the evil doers but people does not want to know the truth they love the lies because they scared of the truth! Love one another while we are here, Stop all the hateing.! 666 HAIL Satan. i love you all….. Your email address will not be published. Don’t wait for it…….we can change and heal the world through CHRIST PERFECT EXAMPLE OF LOVE…….. always go by how it feels….. God’s ways our not our ways…..because of pride…….let us go by his teachings ….. Love always…. Coca-Cola has all letter joined! I am grateful for all of your comments, jesus Christ taught to love our enemies for a reason……… hint. In Nordstrom Racks, I have seen Jordan Ace 23’s with XDR tags. Corporations pay millions in public relations to make customers associate their brand with comfort and reliability. This logo exibits  the pyramidwith outcapstone,used in divination.Hexes,curses,psychic control and all corruption are worked through this emblem. because they work for the BEAST .Like a beast . The thing is what happens when the one who does not want to wake up becomes a puppet. Claims that a satanic cult is operating from within the Democratic party are more common among Trump's base than some may believe. A flag that was adopted in October 28,1948. For those who are unaware, take a look between the … Same as Monster, the 'W' is composed of three Hebrew 6s. Tostitos is one of the happiest logos out there with a not so hidden—but still fun—message. You have the devil in your name. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. As cool as the electromagnetic lines look above the Cisco name, it gets even better. What is the point of this, you saying you believe it and the other one dont, whats gonna happen if 666/999 is In sun god worship it is said to represent the sun’s course in the heaven. Bees symbolize both environmental challenges and opportunities. trademarks, everything! So many people saying ”this is stupid” or ”Retarded”. The web is the devils playground, you should know by now. Satan and the fallen angels will do anything to evoke creator and at the same time they been teaching us for centuries to do the same! there? It is all broadcasted either boldly in your face or subtly hidden to subliminally pull you in and desensitize you. If you are perceptive and WELL EDUCATED then it should just make sense to you. Rege Satanas! Some people (especially Christians) just want to go against every modern development claiming them to be evil. i know im replying over a year later but come on theirs about 30 times more symbolism in tv now, thier even doing rituals on stage,gross,open your eyes before its too late. I’m Glad to have search Satanic Symbols, because I had been wearing shirts with one those logos, wasn’t aware of it until my Pastor, told what the symbols meant,Thank you for this Information. Google Chrome is just a Browser. this is all true, you saps will learn the hard way. By the way, I know that XDR is somewhat hard to find here in the US. People should be encouraged to make a decision. Christians and “Coincidences” or Is There a Hex in the Patternicity? At first glance, the Beats by Dre logo is little more than a red circle with the letter b … When you have no idea what you are scoffing at.

logos with satanic messages

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