This sector is growing at a rate of more than six percent per year. Ventilation. Poultry Layer House. 40mm thick hardwood flush panel door 813x2023mm high, with mortice lock and steel handle. … Consider your rearing systems and their dictation … Also, there is the additional business of incubating eggs and raising chicks. Broilers are chickens raised for meat and layers are raised for eggs. 40mm thick hardwood double door 2000x2400mm high, with steel pull handles and dead lock. First you must have a land around 2 acres for good farming because u will need many stock rooms … LAYER POULTRY FARM PROJECT REPORT WITH 10,000 BIRDS. Under-subscribe in feed calculations and you could be in for a shock. Poultry feed contributes over 70% of the running costs of a poultry farm. Cost of Poultry Farming Equipement Rs 15 per bird Rs 1,50,000 (10,000 birds X Rs 15) Cost of Light fitting (Assuming 5 % of total shedding cost) 5 % of total Shedding Cost Rs 35,000 (5 % … Electronically controlled air conditioning is required for a big modern farm chicken … I did layer farming for a year in a partnership. Well layer farming requires huge investment. Service Room. Each choice implies different costs as broilers and layers require a different type of poultry … There are 2 main categories for you to consider: broilers and layers. The Indian layer poultry sector has tremendous job creation potential.

layer poultry farming cost

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