Farmers can constitute feeds with a DCP of between 15 – 16 %. The Improved Kienyeji Chicken breeds and other hybrids such as Kuroiler and Rainbow Rooster are actually meant to be reared in a free range environment or semi-intensive environment where they can scavenge for their own food. Kindly note that the calculation are based on the current market price estimates which may vary with time and with your locality. Calculations. Indigenous chickens are less productive in terms of egg and meat increase. Kienyeji Poultry Farming: Below is the cost estimate prepared by Neo Chicks for raising 100 Improved Kienyeji Chicks up to the time they start laying the eggs. Indigenous chicken, also known as Kienyeji are much sought after because of the quality of their meat and eggs. On average, the chicks will consume 60 grams per day. The market demand for kienyeji chicken is ever present; you are probably aware that indigenous chicken eggs cost more by up to Sh5 compared to their exotic counterparts. We have written " How to Start Profitable Kienyeji Chicken Farming in Kenya. Chicks: Neochicks Ltd sells 3days old chicks, vaccinated against Marek’s at 100ksh: 100 chicks x ksh100: 10,000: Chick mash: Chicks feed on chick mash up to 8 th week. He supplies all major chicken centres in Mumias, Bungoma and Kakamega towns whose demand for kienyeji variety tops the menu. Mostly, they start laying at around 4 to 5 months. Kienyeji Chicken need different feed formulation at different stages. Whole maize = 34 kg Soya bean = 12 kg Omena = 8 kg Maize bran = 10 kg Lime = 6 kg. However, farmers generally give them the feed formulation such as the chick mash, growers mash, layers mash or finishers depending on the breeds in order to maximize … 56days x 0.06kg x 100 chicks x 50ksh: 16,800: Growers Mash: Fed between the 9 th week and 19 th week. They are hardy but also need to be taken care of, in terms of vaccination, in order to ward off diseases that can be fatal or drastically decrease production. I had spent so much money; I had to come up with a cheaper option.” The last three months, Namunyu made a profit of Sh1.5 million from selling the feed and chicken. With just a little improvement or modification of your kienyeji chicken enterprise you can start small and step by step transform the project into a mega kuku empire. “Chicken feed is expensive and cuts into a farmer’s profits. Download FREE Business Plan " (Click on the link to open) article here that explains the nutritious needs for Kienyeji chicken and debunks the myth of "Kienyeji … Feed for Kienyeji chicken. Each Kg is ksh50.

kienyeji chicken feeds

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