Sentence examples for i will keep in touch with you from inspiring English sources. Keep in touch definition is - to continue to talk to or write to someone —often + with. Subject: keep in touch. The keep in touch list of example sentences with keep in touch. English lesson from "Let's definitely keep in touch." Some of the students contributed to buy him a gift. If you keep in touch with someone, you keep communicating with them even though you may live far apart. keep in touch / examples. English lesson from "Keep in touch!" What does keep in touch expression mean? If you keep in touch with someone, you keep communicating with them even though you may live far apart. similar ( 57 ) Near the end of your conversation, you say this. You want to continue to talk to this person after the event. - You're at a business networking event and meet someone who you might be able to do business with. - One of the students at your English language school is moving back to his home country. IDIOM Keep in touch. Dear Krishna, It’s been over a month since we all parted our ways. Writing letters is the best way to stay in touch with each other. keep in touch phrase. It is tough for all of us to meet regularly as we are miles apart. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. If a keep-in-touch letter is to be written to someone you know in an official or formal context, then the letter cannot contain personal details, gossip or even too much humor. On the card for the gift, you want to write a nice, friendly message. However, if the letter is written in an informal context, for example, between two best friends, then the letter may be long, sentimental and full of humor. The move to an inaccessible location will make it more difficult for loved ones to keep in touch with inmates. IDIOM Keep in touch. exact ( 2 ) I will keep in touch with you ". : In this way they can have a power lunch and keep in touch with the office at the same time, without disturbing other customers. Sentence examples similar to keep in a close touch from inspiring English sources. How to use keep in touch in a sentence. Definition of keep in touch in the Idioms Dictionary. The last few years in college were memorable. You write this. : My wife and i are traveling the country in our rv and using the fone and laptop to keep in touch with our grandkids.

keep in touch examples

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