Sapwood: grey-white or pink, sharply defined. Common Names: Indonesian Red Cedar, Surian Cedar, Calantas, Kalantas: Sourcing Locations: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia: Colour: Pale red sapwood Light to dark red Heartwood: Durability: High durability Susceptible to Borers and Termites: Home / Indonesian Timber Species Guide / Indonesian Red Cedar. Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae – Plants Subkingdom: Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision: Spermatophyta – Seed plants Division: Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants Class Incidence of attack by beehole borer, Xyleutus ceramicus Wlk., in Gmelina arborea Roxb. The World’s Strangest Scientific Names (Feedloader (Clickability)) By Sarah Zielinski July 14, 2009. Wood structure. General characteristics. Texture: moderately coarse and uneven, grain interlocked and wavy; soft to cut. Flowers are whitish yellow and with large silvery bracts. Would you like to have an animal, plant or … Lauan (Scientific Name: Shorea negrosensis), Kalantas (Scientific Name: Toona calantas) and Acacia (Scientific Name: Acacia auriculiformis) are the most common materials for the side and back of these instruments. Kalantas, Limpoga, Surian, New Guinea Cedar, Surian Cedar, Cedrela Calantas. Identity Top of page Preferred Scientific Name. Azadirachta integrifoliola Merr., orth. Azadirachta integrifolia Merr. Ahmad Said S, 1989. Scientific Name: Toona calantas. 1-2 pairs of leathery, inequilateral, 10cm leaves. Click on the gallery pictures below to enlarge: Balitbitan - Cynometra ramiflora Family: Caesalpiniaceae Description: A much branched, small tree growing 4m - 26m tall. Page . List of Plant Pictures by Scientific Name Scientific Name . Information and translations of kalantas in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Table O. The next step is slicing wood for the side and back of the guitar/ukulele. It is mainly used for decorative applications. Calantas is a medium-sized hardwood that grows in parts of South-East Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. In older texts, the genus was often incorporated within a wider circumscription of the related genus Cedrela, but that genus is now restricted to species from the Americas. Common Name . << back to Philippine Indigenous Plants . Sylvatrop, 1(2):135-137. Definition of kalantas in the dictionary. What does kalantas mean? Pale yellow leaves are in drooping tassels. Agpaoa AC, Zamora RA, 1976. Azadirachta excelsa (Jack) M. Jacobs; Other Scientific Names. Heartwood: light red or red-brown. Agriform slow-release tablet fertilizer effects on the growth and survival of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya), yemane (Gmelina arborea), and kalantas (Toona calantas) seedlings. Overview; Toona, commonly known as redcedar, toon (also spelled tun) or toona, is a genus in the mahogany family, Meliaceae, native from Afghanistan south to India, and east to North Korea, Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia. Other Names. var. Meaning of kalantas.

kalantas scientific name

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