Answered by Dr. Walter Futterweit: Avoid Estr if man: Why take it. Some of the core components of any great test booster are zinc and magnesium. I purposely left zinc and magnesium out of Vita JYM because you are far better off getting it separately from ZMA®. ZMA is a blend of vitamins and minerals that is used by many men to increase strength, boost testosterone levels, and assist sleep. "Side effects of high estrogen in men?"
Jim Stoppani, PhD
Owner - JYM … ZMA Side Effects, Safety and Negatives. I omitted zinc and magnesium from Vita JYM to prevent their competition with other nutrients, and to allow for the maximal uptake and utilization of zinc through ZMA. Potential Shred Jym Side Effects. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any other side effects. It is made up of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, all of which are essential nutrients required for the body to function correctly. Side effects are always a concern when taking such a supplement, especially when talking about burning fat and weight loss. Many users have mentioned the same problems, which include headaches and sleeplessness. In spite of its necessity, ZMA is not without side effects. The ZMA blend has both of these as well as vitamin B6, which combine to make this product an effective addition to any bodybuilding nutrition plan. I always take at night before bed. Have not noticed any acne or aggression though. Another side effect are morning erections, but maybe more just due to sexual dreams. The … Do's and Don'ts While taking a plain zinc and magnesium supplement together may provide you with adequate amounts of these important minerals and cost less than a ZMA supplement, I still suggest you spend the money on ZMA. ZMA Supplement With Enhanced Bioavailability
ZMA® JYM is the perfect companion to my Vita JYM multivitamin/mineral supplement for your zinc and magnesium needs. ZMA Side Effects & Precautions. I did not like the mega doses zma products contain, and always take half a capsule at night since i am already taking a multi in the morning too that has more zinc and mag. JYM ZMA is a testosterone boosting supplement produced by JYM. While the benefits of the individual components of ZMA are established in the case of deficiency, the research around the ZMA stack is controversial. ZMA® JYM is designed for enhanced bioavailability of zinc and magnesium. This list does not cover all possible side effects. Two other studies also looked at the effects of ZMA and did not see changes in testosterone levels or strength (14 and 42 healthy men respectively) [1, 31].

jym zma side effects

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