Previous: Page 3. Animated Map: The Italian Campaign. Timeline of events related to the Allied amphibious landings at Anzio, Italy during the European Campaign of World War II.. Anzio Landings - WW2 Timeline (January 22nd - June 5th, 1944) There was little progress for the Allies in the Italian Campaign to this point which prompted 'Operation Shingle' - establishing an all-important beachhead at Anzio. Explore further . View this object . Planners chose Salerno, south-east of Naples, as the point where the main invasion force would land in Operation Avalanche. The three battalions of 128th Brigade were not the only Hampshire battalions involved in the Italian campaign. The Invasion of Italy and the Salerno Landings – September 1943. The 5th Northamptonshire Regiment in Portomaggiore, April 1945. Prelude. Lancashire Fusiliers with Achilles tank destroyers, Ferrara, 1945. Having been restored as a fighting unit in December 1943, the 2/4th Battalion was assigned to 28th Infantry Brigade – part of 4th Division – in February 1944 and went into the line along the Garigliano, opposite San Ambrogio. Almost all the New Zealanders who served in Italy did so as members of the 2nd New Zealand Division – a highly competent fighting force affectionately known as the 'Div'. This web site contains information on the Italian Campaign in World War 2. The Italian Campaign – Salerno Landings September 1943 . The primary focus of my website will be the period after the capture of Rome in June 1944, because most history books do not cover the last year of the war in Italy. Related topics . The success of the cross-channel invasion meant that the Italian campaign became a secondary theatre of operations, with seven Allied divisions redeployed to France in August 1944. This period is after the front opened in France and Italy became known as as the "forgotten front". View this object . Second World War Europe 1900s. The Italian campaign's main purpose was now to divert part of the German war effort and to tie down forces which might otherwise have been used to defend France and Germany itself. The Italian campaign was New Zealand’s primary combat contribution to the war following the hard-won victory over Axis forces in North Africa. Story The struggle for North Africa. After the defeat of the Axis forces in North Africa, the stage is set for the Allies to re-enter the occupied European mainland. ITALian CAMPAIGN WW2: letter; Timeline; Photos & Artifacts; Videos; Document ; JANUARY 1943 Casablanca Conference - Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt with their Chiefs of Staff met for this important conference. German casualties for the Italian campaign were around 336,000, while those of the Allies totalled 313,000. Background Having defeated Axis forces in Sicily, the Allies turned their attention to mainland Italy.

italian campaign ww2 timeline

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