The Association provides membership services, accreditation and support to 2,500 professional arborists in the UK and further afield. Pollarding is not natural and is bad for trees. Tree Pruning is part of a series of general information leaflets produced by the Arboricultural Association. Because the trees aren’t accustomed to ivy, it can cause problems, such as reducing tree stability and adding a considerable amount of weight and wind resistance. Without leaves (for up to six months of the year in temperate climates), a topped tree appears disfigured and mutilated. The ideal tree to start pollarding is over the browse height i.e., over 2.3 m to 3.5 m where the main stem is never more than 19cms and preferably all sapwood. thinning carried out to control the amount of foliage produced, which will in turn reduce the amount of water it requires. Why topping trees is bad! Tree hay is produced by the cutting or breaking of limbs and twigs of deciduous trees and shrubs in full leaf. Topping destroys the natural form of a tree. Topping removes the ends of the branches, often leaving ugly stubs. It is a short-term solution in a case where a long-term solution would be best. Under normal circumstances, therefore, the presence of a tree near a house doesn’t harm the foundation. The concept is simple: by cutting a deciduous tree when it is dormant, you allow it to send up fresh shoots in the spring. Although this is not really the time of year to be carrying out any major pruning work, tree pruning is happening because this is the time of year we get back into our gardens and begin to notice what effect the trees are having on our sunlight. Because the majority of the ivy here in the UK is native, our trees are more than capable of thriving alongside it, however there are a few things you need to look out for: Coppicing/Pollarding Explained. But there are other factors to consider when a tree grows near a house. But they are a damn-fool tree for gardens, anyway, because they grow like Leylandii - if they had been left, it would have cost you a LOT of money to have them removed in only a couple of decades. Branches shouldn’t be allowed to rub against walls or roofs. Dating back thousands of years in Europe, coppicing and pollarding were used to continually harvest juvenile shoots off the same trees for fuel and craft materials. I didn't know that they responded well to pollarding, and I would suspect that they will probably get fungal infections and start to break up. Producing Tree Hay. The summer is fast approaching, all of our sleepy trees are finally waking up and breathing life into 2014. Trees form a variety of shapes and growth habits, all with the same goal of presenting their leaves to the sun. can be managed – that is to say a programme of pollarding or crown . Other Tree Effects.

is pollarding bad for trees

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