Exceptional Service. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Many iron chelation complexes are water soluble. It is also found in drinking water. Stains Iron in well water takes its toll on laundry, dishes and water receptacles, such as sinks and tubs. Your water system is probably the most at-risk by the side effects of high iron level. The changes you notice on your household items and sanitary ware are usually the first signs of the high level of iron in water. This problem can lead to such serious issues as damage to your water tanks, which can be quite expensive to fix or replace. “We contacted Josh Wolfgram of Idaho Water Solutions regarding the quality of water from our new well. Alternatively, you may get an at-home testing kit or get in touch with a lab that offers water testing services. They all had their own stories of disappointing results from competitors of Josh. Unfortunately, water softeners are not a filtration media so iron seems to settle into the tank, and backwash rates are never high enough to purge concentrations of heavy metals. Iron is the fourth most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. Making up at least 5 percent of the earth’s crust, iron is one of the earth’s most plentiful resources. Looking forward to not packing water from Boise any more. High concentration of iron in your water can have some non-health related, but definitely unpleasant side effects. We contacted each of the references provided by Josh. Iron is an essential element in human nutrition, and the health effects of iron in drinking water may include warding off fatigue and anemia. This may contribute … You name it when it comes to fixing your water… we have a solution! Also feel free to call if you simply have water problem or equipment questions…. Call to Schedule Your FREE “No Pressure” Water Analysis, Get fast, honest answers & the latest expert, problem free solutions, Common Home Water Quality Problems, Solutions & Products, Water Softener Facts Comparisons & Reviews. Iron has two means of infiltrating well water: seepage and corrosion. Chlorine also oxidizes the iron, pushing it into the filtration system, where is will be finally removed from the water. All rights reserved. Iron in water has many negative effects, here are the most common ones. The Environmental Protection Agency considers iron in well water as a secondary contaminant, which means it does not have a direct impact on health. Can Water Filters Remove Microplastics From Water? As the iron-bearing water is passed through the bed, any soluble ferrous iron is converted to the insoluble ferric state and then filtered from the water. This unwanted visitor causes damage requiring expensive repairs. This method is a bit more complex since the system first adds chlorine to the water in order to kill iron bacteria. If the casings and pipes contain iron, the acquaintance leads to this deterioration. Ferric Iron “ R ed-Water Iron ”: That lovely orangey-red water mentioned in the beginning of this article, is Ferric Iron. If you pay attention to the first signs, you will be able detect and treat the problem accordingly. Best Water Softeners. When it comes to our health, iron has a significant importance, since it’s an essential element that helps haemoglobin transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells. Iron filters are similar in appearance and size to conventional water softeners but contain beds of media that have mild oxidizing power. The iron in a metal pail turns to rust when exposed to water and oxygen. Although present in drinking water, iron is seldom Having direct access to the owner of the business gives us peace of mind as well.”. There is a solution that has proven very successful…. 8503874, We need your details to email your Free Guide. We are a Boise locally owned factory direct water softener, water filtration & water purification systems dealer so you receive the highest quality water conditioners & exceptional service for the best price! USA Water Softeners, Conditioners & Water Filter Systems Best Quality Equipment. Check your water: Contact your local water department to help you get your water tested or hire a professional laboratory to check the iron level in your water. Similar to straight iron in water, they cause unpleasant stains, tastes and odors; additionally, they leave behind slime that sticks to pipes and fixtures and can introduce other, harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, well water in many of the areas surrounding Boise tends to taste like… you have a bloody lip. High iron concentration tends to leave its marks on everything. This number is quite low compared to the iron intake from food, which can be 10 to 14 milligrams per day. Corrosion Exposure to a combination of water and oxygen causes iron to deteriorate; the casings and pipes of a well water supply have a passing acquaintance with both factors. When various attempts to reduce iron in well water prove unsuccessful, the problem leaves people frustrated enough to either sell their house of even drill a new well. Yuck. Upon hiring Josh he had our problem solved the day he installed the system! Food, especially vegetables, cooked in well water containing iron turns unappetizingly dark and absorbs the taste of the water. Even though we have well water, it’s amazing how much better it tastes. Iron dissolves in groundwater as rain filters through soil and surrounding rocks. Spatone is a naturally occurring iron-rich water collected from a unique source tucked away in the heart of Snowdonia National Park in Wales. It creates scales and stains everything including your laundry, silverware or bathroom fixtures. Iron carbonate has a water solubility of 60 mg/L, iron sulphide of 6 mg/L, and iron vitriol even of 295 g/L. Although it won’t harm your health, iron in your water will destroy property and food. Typically, iron concentration in wells and aquifers is between 0.5 and 10 milligrams per litre, but with water treatment this number can be easily reduced to less than 0.3 per litre. Whether it is original or apple flavoured, this Spatone Liquid Iron is a naturally gentle way to receive your daily iron supplement. Greensand filters are quite effective as well, since they use a green clay material to filter out the iron from the water. Iron is one of the most abundant naturally occurring minerals on Earth. It is an essential element for humans, and it is used in a variety of industrial processes. Rainwater as it infiltrates the soil and underlying geologic formations dissolves iron, causing it to seep into aquifers that serve as sources of groundwater for wells. Typically around 15 mg/L, Idaho’s well water does contain quite high amounts of iron, but the level is still not enough to cause physical harm. Is iron in well water harmful? Don’t be surprised if you find yellow, orange or brown stains on your favourite white T-shirt. Let’s explore how iron enters wells in the areas outside of Boise and the means of eliminating iron from residents’ water supplies. As we’ve mentioned, the unpleasant taste and the discolouration are the easiest-to-notice signs of high iron level in your drinking water.

iron in water

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