Wardrobe frame 29 1/2x22 7/8x92 7/8 "$ 100. Thank you for sharing your process. I am planning an ikea master closet and this helps me tremendously! Whoot. I want you to learn from our mistakes so you can avoid these same setbacks and you can install the IKEA closet like a breeze! ), but Finn always reads the instructions all the way through before starting. In my research, I discovered that lots of people have hacked the IKEA Pax or IKEA Billy systems to create a built-in look. I’m not finding any on a sheet like you had when I search. You have leverage, you can easily access each screw, and it goes by really quickly. Then, above, he has a hanger for dress pants and shelves for shoe storage. Fun project for you to have your daughter do too – you can pay her a penny per hole :). We have a few spare inches we plan on trimming out to make it look more custom and built-in. But we only purchased the doors, not the wardrobe. I agree on using art in unusual places – I have art in bathrooms & closets. I’d like to switch out our Pottery Barn Kids Cameron system (we’ve outgrown it) for PAX in our front room/multi-functional room. Probably about 4 or 5 hours. I even tucked a pull out tray for belts, sunglasses, scarfs and jewelry. The bulk of the Ikea Pax Door installation involves a top track. 2. It looks like the list below. We are just in the beginning stages (like what our options are) so haven’t dived deep into any product yet. We left our baseboards on so there is a 0.5 inch gap between our closets and the wall, and the bracket locations don’t exactly match up with our wall studs. I really like the look of these. First, I am so excited you went with a galley style. For us, that means that Finn is the patient and meticulous one, whereas my motto is “done is better than perfect.”. We started with a blank slate and worked together to build the 6 PAX wardrobe boxes, two 39″ wide ones in the center on either side, with a total of four 19″ wide boxes filling in the rest. Can you link them? That is a concern I had. Filling in the many holes in each frame. We have standard, 8ft, ceilings, and went with the taller 93″ wardrobes, but had to assemble them in an upright position–definitely requires two people but we’re so glad for the extra space. Please share detailed instructions for trimming out everything. You guys are so awesome :), Thank you for sharing. ), Chris worked on securing them all to each other and in place while I built all the drawers. Checkout ariavent.com , they have super sleek modern floor vents for only $25. It’s a neat touch that makes us both feel very fancy. On the back wall, we want to hang a large mirror and the vintage art I bought (that inspired our whole bathroom) above it. Thanks! "Thanks for following along as we uncover our home's potential. We ended up using these snap toggle bolts to secure them into the wall. Now you have me thinking. We actually wanted allllll the glass shelves, but our store ended up only have the large ones in stock, so the 4 smaller sections have solid shelves. Add crown molding to close the gap up top. Thanks! But maybe someday we’ll be bored and out of projects and add it (ha… maybe in ten years, at this rate!). Hi your closet looks amazing. It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s just a little tricky and there are lots of tips to getting it installed just right. Then we organized the drawers, shelves, hangers, etc. One question – are you planning to paint or change out the floor register? Once it’s tight and you feel the metal hooked behind the drywall, you can snap off the excess plastic, hence, the name! And that will give me some shoe storage above. We ended up paying $40 extra for delivery and it was soooooo worth it. Big news. They sell hole cover widgets if you want to fill in all of the holes for a more streamlined look. Have you mixed and matched all three of the widths? It’s a U shaped and I always wish it were a galley style because I feel like it would have so much more room!

ikea pax installation

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