Had my Economics A level tuition here and my grades improved. There are 80 marks for this paper. understand the role of people in business success. I came to this tuition centre to improve my chances for my IGCSE exams. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs• Key motivational theories: Taylor and Herzberg theory, 2.1.2 Methods of motivation: • Financial rewards, e.g. The class was group lesson but attention was given on each individual needs and its explanation were in detailed. My son scored an A in his recent IGCSE exam. Not only did I learn techniques on how to answer various business studies questions, but I also learnt a lot of real-life examples related to business studies, which is knowledge worth a lifetime. Need Tuition Help To Score In YourIGCSE Business Studies Papers? growth, boom, recession, slump • Implication on businesses of changes in employment levels, inflation and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the economy, 6.1.2 How government intervene and control over the economy affects business activity and how businesses may respond or react: • Identify government economic objectives, e.g. Thank you Chris and your team. My initial encounter with Chris, though only via the phone, gave me the confidence to send my daughter here for her tuition. Great IGCSE centre for those who needs tuition. They also provide IELTS tutoring preparation course. By the way, the environment in the IGCSE centre is stress-free. The Subject Contents of the 6 Sections Discussed Above. Candidates are required to apply their understanding to a range of simple business scenario when doing these 0450 IGCSE Business Studies past year papers. It is not just the result, Mr Chris Gan was skillful in creating the interest, understanding and ways to score in the subject. Came here to attend their tuition lessons for my IGCSEs and they're no doubt, up to the level to substitute attending private school lessons. These IGCSE Business Studies past year papers are created especially for international students. They really put in effort to teach and guide their students in need. planning, organising, coordinating, commanding and controlling • Importance of delegation; trust (flexibility) versus control, 2.2.3 Leadership styles: • Characteristics or features of the main leadership styles, e.g. If you are looking for a centre that raises your motivation to study and possess the most patient guidance, you are lucky to have found the right place! My grades has improved a lot after joining their maths and accounting tuition. global warming • The concept of externalities: possible external costs (negative externalities) and external benefits of business decisions • Sustainable development; how business activity can contribute to this • How and why business might respond to environmental pressures and opportunities, e.g. autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire • Recommend and justify an appropriate leadership style in given scenario, 2.2.4 Trade unions: • What is meant by a trade union is and the consequences of employees being union members, 2.3 Recruitment, selection and training of employees, 2.3.1 Recruitment and selecting employees: • Recruitment and selection methods • Difference between internal recruitment and external recruitment • Main stages in recruitment and selection of employees • Recommend and justify who to employ in given circumstances • Advantages and disadvantages of part-time employees and full-time employees, 2.3.2 The importance of training and the methods of training: • Significance of training to a business and to employees • Advantages and disadvantages of induction training, on-the-job training and off-the-job training, 2.3.3 Why reducing the size of the workforce might be necessary: • Difference between redundancy and dismissal • Appreciate situations in which downsizing the workforce might be necessary, e.g. promotion and pricing decisions will be asked in these 0450 IGCSE Business Studies past year papers, 3.3.2 Price: • Pricing methods (benefits and limitations of different methods), e.g. Their teaching methods was easy and fun to learn, enhanced my knowledge helped me score in IGCSE exam especially Economics and Business Studies! It includes government influences on economic, environmental and ethical issues and how they influence on the functional areas of businesses. One of the best teacher I've been taught by. After getting my IG results today, I found out I was only 2 marks away from an A*. There are always fou questions based on topics from the whole of the syllabus. My child obtained an A in A level accounting exam. 1 Understanding business activity This section familiarises the original ideas and concepts of business and includes the purpose and nature of business activity and how businesses can be classified. IGCSE Business Studies Past Papers 2020: May June 2020: Highly recommended! We have students not only from Subang Jaya but also from Puchong, Shah Alam, Klang, Putra Heights, Ara Damansara and Kuala Lumpur KL. 2 People in business The focus is the functional or business department of human resources and includes the significance and ways of motivating employees. Simple income statements and statements of financial position are covered and the analysis of accounts including why and how accounts are used. Look no further, TWINS Education is recommended! It was a great experience that I had my accounting lessons here. Overall, I m really thankful for their help to help me achieve the grades that I have always aimed for (which is A). The section concludes with the importance and methods of location decisions and achieving quality in the production process of businesses. Legal restrictions are an external influence to be considered but these influences are covered in the relevant functional areas above, as well as in this last section. Solving these Past Papers will help you to prepare for CAIE previously CIE IGCSE Business Studies (0450). Thank you so much. They offer both IGCSE and degree tutoring classes at Subang Jaya USJ. Both of them are systematic teacher and I really like them. cost plus, competitive, penetration, skimming, dynamic and promotional • Recommend and justify an appropriate pricing method in given circumstances • Understand the importance of price elasticity: difference between price elastic demand and price inelastic demand; importance of the concept in pricing decisions (knowledge of the formula and calculations of PED will not be assessed in these 0450 IGCSE Business Studies past year papers), 3.3.3 Place (distribution channels): • Advantages and disadvantages of different channels• Recommend and justify an appropriate distribution channel in given circumstances, 3.3.4 Promotion: • The main objectives of promotion • Different types of promotion and how they influence and affect sales, e.g. Most importantly, kids were happy to attend the class even the online classes during MCO. Thanks a bunch, Mr. Chris! Sometimes they shared their experienced to us which linked to the chapter they‘re teaching. political condition, cultural differences and lack of knowledge • Benefits and limitations of methods to overcome such challenges, e.g. how a business is financing its activities and what assets it owns, sale of inventories to raise finance (the constructing statements of financial position will not be assessed when attempting these IGCSE Business Studies past year papers), 5.5.1 Profitability: • The idea and significance of profitability, 5.5.2 Liquidity: • The idea and significance of liquidity, 5.5.3 How to analyse and interpret the financial performance of a business by calculating and analysing profitability ratios and liquidity ratios: • Gross profit margin • Profit margin • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)• Current ratio • Quick ratio (Acid test ratio), 5.5.4 Why and how accounts are used: • Explain the needs of different users of accounts and ratio analysis • How users of accounts and ratio results might use information to help make decisions, 6 External influences on business activity, 6.1.1 Business cycle: • Main stages of the business cycle, e.g. online, accessing government sources, paying for commercial market research reports • Factors influencing the accuracy of market research data, 3.2.2 Presentation and use of market research results: • Analyse market research data shown in the form of graphs, charts and diagrams; draw simple conclusions from such data, 3.3.1 Product: • The costs and benefits of developing new products • Brand image; impact on sales and customer loyalty • The role of packaging • The product life cycle: main stages and extension strategies; draw and interpret a product life cycle diagram • How stages of the product life cycle can influence marketing decisions, e.g.

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