For me, to get my mojo back, I had to get my conscious and subconscious mind aligned because if I didn’t, my mojo was never coming back. McKinley Morganfield, a.k.a. Now What? I think I forgot all about this little meme. By "mojo" I'm referring to my confidence, my cheerfulness, my self-esteem, and inspiration. Too much lately, as a matter of fact. Ten years later I am sat in my bed before 9pm at night, exhausted from two cases of chickenpox and awaiting the third. I feel lost and trapped (and emo, for writing this =P). lose your mojo phrase. I've Lost My Mojo Yeah! Lead This Is How You Get Your Mojo Back After You Lost It We all have times when we lose our confidence. Has anyone seen my mojo? May 6, 2014 December 13, 2014 Michelle Green. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. I’ve Lost my Mojo. I don't have the energy or desire to get up and actually DO something about it; I don't even know WHAT I should do. I recently read a post on the blog of Happy Cakes on the topic of losing your cake mojo, and with the owner’s permission I’m re-printing some of it here. That was prompted by a conversation I had with my buddy Laura Kim after lunch yesterday somewhere in Westhampton Beach. I’ve lost my mojo.. Just over ten years ago I graduated from University; I was waiting to take my place in the world bright eyed and bushy tailed. What does lose your mojo expression mean? I put up a status on my Facebook yesterday that read: I've lost my mojo. Pour yourself a drink, we’re having a pity party! My conscious mind knew I had to get my mojo back but my subconscious mind stored the beliefs and emotions that supported the fact that I had lost my mojo. Got my mojo working, but it just won't work on you Got my mojo working, but it just won't work on you Definition of lose your mojo in the Idioms Dictionary. Muddy Waters, would have heard work mojo as he was growing up in Mississippi. His well-known blues classic Got my mojo working, 1957, was the song that introduced the term to the wider world:. I haven't held a job in a year, i've been single for 2, and I don't feel like I have the ability to ever get a girlfriend again.

i've lost my mojo

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