I got so excited when i saw the announcement for the new HyperX Cloud II wireless headphones. Question HyperX Cloud 2 Cant distinguish Left from right and 7.1 not doing anything: Audio: 1: May 22, 2020: Question HyperX Cloud 2 background noise: Audio: 1: Apr 28, 2020: Question Hyperx Cloud 2 Microphone Buzzing: Audio: 0: Mar 30, 2020: Question HyperX Cloud Alpha underperforming (low audio) Audio: 3: Mar 12, 2020: Question hyperx cloud … But after upgrading to Windows 10, several HyperX Cloud 2 users have found their microphone either muted or muffled for no apparent reason. HyperX Cloud 2 headset is also compatible with PC, Mac, smartphones, and most gaming consoles. I switched over to the Flights a couple years ago but they are due a replacement, just in time for the new Cloud II … Some HyperX Cloud … HyperX Cloud II bad mic quality Hey, I recently got a new Headset because my old one broke, People suggested me the HyperX Cloud 2 and the sound quality is great, but everyone on Teamspeak is complaining about my bad mic … HyperX provides this solution with its headset, HyperX Cloud (series I, II, Stinger, Revolver, or X among others), being very popular in the gaming community. Given its quality HyperX Cloud headset (complete with a microphone and headphones) can be used for more than just cloud… I loved my HyperX Cloud II's but wanted a wireless pair of headphones.

hyperx cloud ii microphone bad

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