Time to stock up. This is vastly undervalued item when it comes to making a great cocktail. Ice – So simple, but I promise it’s my secret weapon in our ongoing quest to seek the perfect margarita recipe. If you try this, would you mind hitting the “Rate” button? This sauce has a unique complex flavor that offers an amazing blend of sweet and sour heat. Tequila. I love comments! Add tequila. Fresh mint limeade, bourbon $ 9 VODKA $ 9 Bloody Mary. 237 Main St, Fort Mill, SC 29715United States+ 803 802 [email protected], Take your taste buds South Of The Border without ever leaving home! Garnish with lime or jalapeno slice. Be sure that when you salt the rim, you avoid getting salt inside the glass. Orange juice, tequila $ 9 WHISKEY $ 9 PORCHSWING. Slice jalapenos lengthwise, to open chile & expose the seeds, being careful to not cut through the stem & halve the pepper. Use bottled water to make ice or buy ice. We ship orders within 36 hours. It makes an amazing addition to pretty much everything, so add some awesome to any of your favorite dishes! If you want a stronger drink, use more tequila and less triple sec. Categories. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction through exchange or refund. Add a shot (or more) of tequila-no judgement here! traders says its seasonal…But guess what!!!!! It’s so good with tequila. If you’ve tried this Cadillac Margarita or any other recipe on the blog, I’d love the hear what you thought about it in the comments below. Pour the tequila, triple sec, lime juice, agave nectar, and jalapeno into a cocktail shaker over ice. In a shaker filled with ice, add tequila, triple sec, and Trader Joe's Limeade. By ahill2092 Comments Off on Jalapeño Limeade Margaritas. However, mixed with some simple (adult) ingredients it was much improved. Take your taste buds South Of The Border without ever leaving home! This sauce has a unique complex flavor that offers an amazing blend of sweet and sour heat. The flavor here is only as good as the drink mixer itself. My name is Alex. The grocery store chain has a recipe for a Mango Limeadita in case you want to spike it. Organic Jalapeño Limeade has finally returned to Trader Joe's for the spring season. • Privacy Policy • Disclaimer. Experience the heat of locally grown Jalapeños and Serrano peppers combined with hints of tequila, garlic and spices. If you want it spicier, then you'll have to muddle some jalapeno peppers and strain carefully. Drinks, Recipe spicy, tequila, Trader Joes, Trader Joes Review. My name is Brenda and welcome to my blog! Or you can use jalapeno infused tequila. Food Blogger Pro Review: How They Helped Me Grow, Start a Food Blog from Budgets of Zero to One Thousand Dollars, Other Delicious Margarita Recipes on this Blog, Other Yummy Trader Joe’s Inspired Recipes, If you purchased Trader Joe's Organic Jalapeno Limeade, then this is for you. Orange raspberry limeade, tequila $ 9 $ 9 RÍO JODIDO. I’d love to know what you thought of it. This sauce has a unique complex flavor that offers an amazing blend of sweet and sour heat. For this recipe, silver or reposado tequila work best as they have more agave flavor. Thats just how it goes . your own Pins on Pinterest Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Limeade. Serve over ice garnished jalapeño slices and lime wedges Tightly screw on the lid, and shake until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 minute. If your hands feel like you are getting frost bite, then you’ve shaken this enough. Boneyard Bill's Bloody mix, vodka $ 9 $ 9 PRIM & PROPER. Experience the heat of locally grown. So please, reach for the 100% agave. Step 1: In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add jalapeno limeade, tequila and triple sec. Good straight or with a jigger of tequila. I heard it was seasonal but with Trader Joe’s you never know. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Use quality 100% blue agave tequila. Be the first to hear about new products, latest pepper creations, insights and offers. Mar 25, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by MJ Curwood. In order for it to be considered a tequila in name, it must be 51% agave. For more information about tequila and choosing an affordable brand check out Serious Eats: The 7 Best Budget Tequilas. Well, I didn’t love drinking it plain. Mix to combine, add … I’m pretty sure they’ll have the pumpkin items out soon. I am a tequila sipper and love a good margarita.Trader Joes margarita mix with their jalapeno limeaid make a delicious summer drink. Trader Joe’s Himalayan Pink Salt (optional) Fresh jalepenos for more spice (optional) Simple syrup to make it a little sweeter (optional) Directions: Fill your glass or shaker 3/4 of the way full with the jalapeno limeade. BecomeBetty.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Copyright © 2020 — BecomeBetty.com • All rights reserved. This website takes its name from a famous Betty whose character was developed to give a more personalized response to consumer product questions. The key to a good Margarita is using good quality Tequila. The jalapeño slices get strained. Read More…. If you happen to have a bottle that’s labeled Reposado or Anejo, save that for sipping and not for mixing.

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