My incubation handbook will give you a lot more details. It built up steam then I checked the eggs. Meaghan — Did you try the washcloth method I mention in this post? My other incubator is not having this problem. During the incubation process, the egg will slowly lose some of its moisture through the pores of the shell. In some climates it can actually be better to keep the incubator outside, especially if you have a good chicken coop. Unlike as with temperature, there is no perfect answer for the optimal humidity level in an incubator. Is it ok for the temp to fluxuate that much? Fingers crossed now for a good hatch!! Also, this site has Google ads on it. Follow the instructions that come with the incubators. I am going nuts lol. Thus Is My First Time Trying To Hatch Eggs in The INCUBATOR Today Is Day 22 I Have 4 Eggs That SUPPOSE To Hatch Only 1 Started So Far Nothing Yet With The Other 3 I Can’t Get My HUMINITY To Go Up Past 45 I Have The Water Chambers And Also A Wet Wash Cloth IN It is it Normal that some eggs take longer? In general, I try not to incubate when house humidity is so high it’s going to be a problem. You can browse through old posts, or. Every time you open the incubator some of the humid air gets out and is replaced by not so humid air. I have sarama chicks hatching and also have the octagon 20. By now, hopefully your chicks have hatched — if they haven’t at least pipped by day 23, I’d do a float test and then pull the plug. all ours hatched, but only one of the shipped ones. Depending on how much too small or too big the air cells are, you should adjust the humidity by 5-15%. set my eggs in my little giant 9300 still incubator,on the 3 of February and hatch day was supposed to be the 24th, i took automatic turner out 3 days b4 hatch day just like the directions said, my temp stayed at 98 an my humidity wouldn't stay past 60. This picture illustrates it pretty well: What can I do to get my humidity to come down? This is in almost all cases more than enough. Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton are a pair of back-to-the-landers who have been homesteading for over a decade. Put the incubator in your chosen location and plug in the power cord and automatic turner. Good luck! I put the wet shells from 2 or 3 un-incubated eggs in the incubator and it works like a charm! Amanda’s tips above are also very handy — I hadn’t thought of them before, but they sound like they should work well! High humidity during hatch is essential to lubricate your chicks as they do the hard work of wiggling around, pecking their way out of their shells. The chick was breathing hard earlier is that normal or was it struggling for air? High humidity is only an issue if the outside temperature around the incubator is cold as this causes condensation to form inside the incubator. My eggs are in their final days (yesterday was day 18)of hatching in my octagon 20 advanced, but my humidity level won’t stay high! Regular candling can do the work just fine as well. Keeping an adequate humidity range inside your incubator is quite simple. Do I need to lay point down instead of on their side? Will this affect my eggs too much? If you live somewhere with a very humid climate, it is possible that the outside air is too humid as well. That is quite surprising. In case you want to instantly increase the humidity by applying small amounts of water, it is best to go for a second option. Only when you’re getting ready to hatch do you need to boost the humidity up to the point that you’ll need to add a washcloth to the bottom. That said, I prefer to take chicks out once they’ve hatched so they don’t accidentally harm other chicks who aren’t yet out of the egg. I currently have 4 polish eggs that are developing well and 3 hybrids that are also growing (my wyandottes didn’t start ). Most websites will tell you Duck eggs work a bit differently. Joe — I wouldn’t put your eggs directly on a wet towel, but you can certainly spread a towel out across the bottom of the incubator beneath the tray so it expands your water reservoir dramatically. We run still air, hand turn and Achieve 92% hatch rates with the little giant 9300. I'm incubating in the winter and found a useful patent for treating eggs to increase hatchability using hydrogen peroxide in 3-7% concentrations. You can browse through old posts, or splurge on my ebook for the more refined solutions. If you are still having trouble with the humidity in your incubator, consider placing the incubator elsewhere. Karen — This is a common problem for us if we incubate eggs in the summer. Unlike temperature, humidity spikes won’t harm your eggs (although too low humidity can cause chicks to stick to the eggs during hatch). I’m really struggling to know how humid it is in there could you recommend a humidity gage that could go in with the eggs rolling around? There can be plenty of reasons for the humidity to drop like that. Joan — This post on helping chicks might be useful, but from your symptoms it sounds like everything’s just running slow and you need to give it more time. I have both water troughs filled and still can not get the humidity past 39%. I am going to add more water when I get home and really soak that cloth in hopes at keeping the humidity a little higher. If the air cells are too small you will need to lower the humidity. I hope he makes it. cindy — I hear your frustration — hatching your own eggs can be so daunting the first time around! If that isn’t enough, try to keep the incubator closed as much as possible. Is there a danger to the low humidity at this early stage? I had a similar problem with humidity not going higher than 66% with water maxed out including extra sponges etc. It has been fluctuating between 55% and 62% but it won’t reach 65%. if that doesn’t work, putting a damp towel or sponge with the eggs may help. Don’t open the incubator during the actual hatching process in the last 1-2 days. I’ve found that one of the best ways to increase humidity during the last three days & especially during hatch is to add wet egg shells.

how to increase the humidity in a little giant incubator

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