Hi, thank you for posting. Good luck with your search. Make a clean cut through all sides of the fruit. Because of this, growing your own dragon fruit cuttings is a very good idea. 2) Do I need to use fungicide on the cut ends, and 3) Is rooting hormone necessary. Podcast: Unplugged Family Activities with Rachel Jepson Wolf. Hi, When is the ideal time to start feeding them? Pingback: Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Day Gardening - Gardenerd. The Pitaya unfortunately has been used to frequently describe the Pitahaya/Dragon fruit simply because of the Mexican influence in this country is much stronger than any other in the Latin community. YouTube: Growing Shallots and Garlic – Selection to Harvest, Podcast: Native American Food with Sanjay Rawal. Dragon fruits have been referred I mix my own blend sometimes, and I also recommend brands such as Dr. Earth, Down to Earth, Fox Farm, and G&B. I have made several cuttings to get started. Hi Ximena, If you cut the dragon fruit off the main stump, let the cut end cure for a few days before planting. I’m wondering if I got a bigger cutting or two, could you cut one foot long section (give it take a little) into multiple small pieces. This fruit brings back great memories of my upbringing where you can find it growing wild, and trace back it’s origins to my beautiful Colombia. I just received 3 dragon fruit cuttings. I didn’t cut the narrow woody end of the cutting while planting. I’ve read that in propagation, maintaining proper or original orientation is important, but of such matter, i have no idea, but does sound reasonable, please, your view? Wooden dowel (½-inch by 24 inches) 25-gallon plant pot. Can I start one from the actual fruit? I didn’t use rooting hormone or fungicide, so you can achieve results without them. Test out a few smaller cuttings and a few larger cuttings and see what works best for you. Cutting off the bottom like you said, and the top? Have I planted it upside down? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just my experience so far. They both worked. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Pitaya as well does not need a trellis to grow upwards. I think I waited 3 days for the cuts to cure over before planting them. Thank you. Hello, everyone. I thought I could use it as my contingency plan. © 2020 Gardenerd. Was thinking of cutting it off the main stump and planting it. Unfortunately, the biggest buds are coming from a branch that has yellowed and looks like it may break off soon ( I tried epsom salt, but I think it was too far gone). Hi I am looking to start 1 acre of dragon fruits. I currently have floragrow coming in the mail. 6 months is a long time, but if they haven’t shriveled up yet, you could try cutting a clean end, letting is scar over for a few days and then plant it and see what happens. It’s a long process, but hopefully we’ll all have fruit in the end. Hi John-John, Glad to hear you’re staying safe in South Africa. Dragon fruit need to grow up a trellis, but they need to be able to “hang” their side branches out from the main stem (or from a beam or frame on top of the trellis) in an arc. Just tuck them in potting soil, water and feed them, and eventually they will root and take off. Keep us posted on your results. . You don’t need to cut off the top part. At planting, I secured a pole with the cutting for support, and kept it on my shaded patio. Im at a lost as to why, I was wondering if you you what causes it and then this morning I notice the 1st big segment has a bit of a yellow, soft spot, not that big maybe an inch long and im sad and scared that it might be dying. https://livingseeds.co.za/thai-true-purple-dragon-fruit.html?search=dragon+fruit, Hi Riana, I found cuttings for sale at Living Seeds(online store). Glad you found the info helpful, Tito. Where are you based in SA ? I also gave them a little organic veggie fertilizer and that seems to trigger some budding activity after they just sat there for awhile. Usually you can leave them for a few weeks without issue, but I’ve heard of at least one person who left her cuttings a couple months and they were fine. Pingback: Wordless Wednesday: Summer in Lockdown - Gardenerd. I did find an old dragon fruit lying on ground, but still alive in a small nursery (nothing like nurseries in US), rudimentary at best. Hi Leon, Our dragonfruit cuttings are climbing the wall and trellis now. This is my first time and I’m looking for tips. Start feeding your dragon fruit about a month or two after it begins to grow new segments. Now I see root in the uper body of the cutting above soil. Fingers crossed! Great post. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Thank you for taking time to consider. It’s worth a try to plant that cutting. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Will the 15-gallon pot be located in its final home or will you have to move it (if it’s too sunny in its final home location you may want to start somewhere else)? Thanks again for the article! Remember the origin of the Pitaya is in our neighboring country of Mexico, where the Pitahaya is from countries away. It’s worth finding a cutting if you can. You still have time before it will need that support, but be thinking about where you want to permanently install it and what you want to use to support it. I will have to dig in further to learn the distinctions between these fruits. It’s odd to think that a cactus responds to sunlight this way, but dragon fruit does. If you’re using a stem cutting, make sure that it comes from a productive plant and it’s at least 30 cm long. Dragon fruit is a rare tropical fruit that you probably won’t find in a convenience store. Regards Wendy. We’ll see which does best. If you see yellowing, it could be a couple reasons. Hello,l absolutely love dragonfruit cactus.My brother gave me my first plant last year.Some varieties grow fast.Others not so much. Hello – my daughter gave me a cutting I planted it and it took about 2 years of looking exactly the same before a smaller one started growing out of the top and now a 2nd has started growing out of the same area. I got a few cuttings from a friend. The roots, aren’t really roots. They are in nursery bags with a mixture of organic compost, Sandy soil from my farm and some growth hormone. Cut the end off to create more surface area along the tender part of the plant. If you want to try again and cut off the bottom you can, but I have also propagated successfully by just sticking the narrow end in the soil. Could you please help, I have three questions on my mind: 1) What will happen if I plant the cuttings without chopping off the hard end; will it delay rooting? But keep us posted on how it all goes! I potted it up in a makeshift HugelKulture set-up, with twigs and branches at the bottom, and a home made compost and potting mix on top. Hello All, Those are all pretty good and offer a selection of options for different plants. That said, that is only my anecdotal experience. If you can poke holes in the soil down to the bottom with a stick, to create some drainage pathways for the water, you should be good. If you wanted to split the difference, take the longer one and start it on its own, and leave the smaller one to grow as is. It needs some shade in the first several months of growing (new segments) otherwise the sun causes yellowing. It can take several months before it will set root or start sending up new growth. You shouldn’t have a problem ordering through the mail. Hopefully by the end of the year or early next year I will be able to get my hands on one! To get a major head-start, begin with a dragon fruit plant. Keep going! Thank you for great beginner’s info on Dragon Fruit cultivation. The spines sit in the notches along the edge of the cactus. We are based in South Africa, live on a cattle farm and on a ramble in a pretty wild area discovered an abundance of dragon fruit growing happily. Learn how your comment data is processed. So far I have found that the larger pieces have budded faster than my smaller pieces. Growing the Mature Plant. Dragon fruit grows in segments, so it’s easy to take a cutting at one of the narrow points along a segment. They are tendrils and they are going to seek a place to grab onto. It may be a mess down the line, but we’ll have pollination! I have planted a cutting in 6th July…Still no brances came out.. Hello, Our friend give us some cuttings that he did not have time to plant them for about 6 months and it is so dry. I always recommend planting more than one variety in case one does better than the others in your hardiness zone and climate. Do you have any tips to ensure I encourage the growth to grow strong and healthy? I seem to find mixed information. Root growth is obvious when you start to see new top growth as well. In Hartebeest poort NW. Plant fungicide rooting hormone. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5fa034e86b3e331d Cause it is really expensive to buy tons of plants. Required fields are marked *. 1) please any advice to increase chances of success? Should I fluck the cutting and cut the narrow woody end of it and plant it again Read this article to find out how to grow dragon fruit the right way!

how to grow dragon fruit from cutting

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