Chief residents have been described as middle managers with four directions of responsibility: upward to the consultant body, downward to the trainee body, laterally to other middle managers, and internally to other chief residents.6 Organisation of training will remain with the deanery, heads of school, and local specialty tutors, although within each directorate the chief resident could … Discuss specific scenarios in which each style would be appropriate. While chiefs should advocate for residents, they also need to keep them in-line. VA – Clinician Teacher Fellowship The clinician-teacher fellowship is designed to give residents who are interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine, particularly in the clinician-teacher pathway, the skills necessary to succeed. The chief resident on the scholarly block provides back up to the administrative chief for vacations, illness or emergency leave. Discuss how those characteristics relate to the chief resident role. I'm going back to being an internal medicine resident, only without the ability to put the orders in myself. 5. A chief medical resident is a leader, an educator, an administrator, a mentor, a coach, and a source of support. Describe major leadership styles. I am very glad I was chief resident. Often times residents will make inappropriate complaints or be slacking off. Anyone who spent any amount of time watching medical shows on television heard the term chief resident before. Identify characteristics that make up “good” leaders and how to become an Authentic leader. Other important dimensions of chief medical residency involve evaluation, clinical practice, and scholarship. 4. You can only obtain this position once you complete your studies and finish your residency, and even then, you may see those positions going to men and women who have twice … It does look good on a resume but that shouldn't be the primary reason you do it. Our program has PGY3 chiefs, which I think is a good idea. A chief is not doing their job right, IMHO, if they only advocate for residents. It taught me a lot about time management (maybe having a baby my chief year wasn't the best idea but I sure did become a ninja at time allotment). Better for the resident to have the chief put them in order before an attending does. As a Chief Resident, I schedule residents to attend the applicant dinners, lunches, and tours, and to spend time with the applicants our lounge. Identify a … Or another super depressing way to think of it is that I'm doing what I could have been doing as a hospitalist if I didn't decide to take this shitty path, only for about 1/4 to 1/3 of the money. In addition to being a role model, a chief medical resident should be able to advocate for the A resident is someone who leads a group of doctors and works as an educator in a hospital or medical setting. This makes the actual interview days go by much smoother, because two of us are present at all times to speak to applicants and answer any questions. It allows the chief(s) (we often have 2 co-chiefs to share the work) to have it on their CV in time for fellowship applications that go out in the fall of 3rd year and takes the pressure off of fourth years so they have more time to study for boards.

how to be a good chief resident

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