See more resources for: Educators Learners See more resources about: K-12 The Arts. The Kentucky Mandolin company is owned by Saga Musical Instruments. The latest versions are some of the best ever. Education Home; Determine who made your vintage mandolin. Classroom activities and discussion questions available on PBS LearningMedia. Chris Mullins performs “My Old Kentucky Home” on mandolin. With Downloadable Sheet-music scores, Tabs & chords for mandolin, mp3 audio and music midis. Some makes often sought by collectors include Vega, Gibson or Martin, whereas a classical mandolin player may prefer something more like a Embergher, Vinaccia or Calace. Music Toolkit Collection. The Kentucky Mandolin Company is based in San Francisco, CA. Through the years, the mandolins themselves have been made in Japan, Korea and most recently (since 2001), China. Old-Time Music mandolin tab - My Old Kentucky Home Old songs, fiddle & banjo music, old country music, bluegrass, and traditional dance music. Visit PBS LearningMedia Resource. They make several popular bran Some makers are more popular than others and can affect the value, especially to collectors. item 7 Kentucky KM-1050 Master F-model Mandolin w/Gig Bag & Pro-Setup #20080295 7 - Kentucky KM-1050 Master F-model Mandolin w/Gig Bag & Pro-Setup #20080295 $2,095.00 Free shipping

how old is my kentucky mandolin

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