WHAT? Min Ha's one-sided love towards Seok Hyeong and her direct confession in his car (she got the moves and I love it ). Thanks for your insightful comments and recap @lovepark. Jung-won may feel a lot of stress and heartache from his job, but he clearly loves what he does. As for Joon-wan, the acceptance must have been news to him as well as he sits alone at the table with his shoulders hunched. While Jung-won carries Song-hwa’s package, he stops to meet with one of his patients, and on their way to her office, he can’t stop talking about them. On a separate point, I really like how SM always looks exhausted and about to give up on his job but he never does and just soldiers on despite whatever challenges SH throws his way. Most of the time, the affection from her end towards him seems to be purely platonic. Returning back the band, Jung-won takes over the vocals for the second verse, and Ik-joon looks over his shoulder at his friend. I have wondered if Netflix was replacing songs. Noticing the full moon, Song-hwa tells the others to make a wish, but the others sigh when she wishes for the intern to become a good surgeon. It feels like IJ is taking a major gamble here. Ik Jun's too playful and too friendly - and he has Woo joo to look after. The woman's super capable. I'm gunning for a completely different ship to set sail (Andrea and Songhwa), or rather I think that is more likely to set sail, than Ik-Joon and Song-hwa, so I read this episode very differently (especially the scene where they're lugging the carton back to the room). Priesthood represents Jung-won’s childhood dream, and maybe a part of him thinks that becoming a priest would solve all his problems. I couldn't get that scene out of my head and would still LOL when thinking about it. Pfft. Based on my reading of the group dynamic so far, even though the group constantly teases his giving heart and calls him Fr. Seok-min comments on the intern having a date even though he was scolded, but Song-hwa tells him that she’s the one meeting him. The song they played was ‘Confessions That Are Not Splendid’ by Lee Seung Hwan. Okay, frustrations aside, let's talk about all different types of confessions we have this hour (and a half); Kyeo-Wool & Jung-Won: Secret-and-Awkward Love All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { But with Jeong Won, she seems to take the opportunity(?) He tells a frustrated Rosa that she at least raised her kids well, but she calls them selfish for leaving behind their mother. We still have season 2 and if this ship does not sail, I also won't mind if Song-hwa ends up to be alone. 4. Jae-hak cries as he reads the short but thoughtful note, but the moment is ruined when Joon-wan barges in, inviting him out for drinks. They never take his words seriously or respect his own wishes. While his previous marriage caused Ik-joon a lot of heartache, I think he would agree with Seok-hyung’s mom that he was still blessed because his son was born through that relationship. Seok-hyung tells her to take the call, but Min-ha brushes it aside since her friend calls her ten times a day. This is a side-note to all the goings-on in the drama but as soon as Jae Hak picked up the strawberries I said to myself: Please soak them in salt water first. Mom agrees that marriage stinks, but through it, she got a handsome and cool son. So when they use the same song in Hospital Playlist, their view on the song and what they represent should still be the same. Well, that explains a lot. I do sympathize with her position, this is probably the 5th time she's going down this route. Pick me pick me pick me up! As Jeong Won was looking at Ik Jun bemusedly for his suggestion, he was probably recalling... (con't) ...his conversation with Jun Wan about Ik Jun being a nutcase and how he and Ik Jun are not seeing eye to eye aka not like minded and he can't figure Ik Jun's mind at all sometimes. Right then, Jung-won drops by looking for Ik-joon, and when he sees Gyu-wool, he says, “Hi.”. (This reminds me of the patient who doesn't want to live with her cheated husband liver inside her body.). Thanks @lovepark for the insight about the lines and camera angles being used during Ik-joon's and Song-hwa's scenes! Same. In the OB/GYN department, Min-ha hides behind a column and stares at Seok-hyung until he finally gets up to leave. 5. }; But otherwise, still thoroughly enjoyed this episode. My favourite character of all five so far is JKH's Jun-wan, the only adult in the group IMO, but his character arc evolved so quickly that I feel sorta cheated. (con't) ...one-sidedly intended for Song Hwa to take over his Daddy Long Legs project since spring. 1. I cheer for them all but it seems like I have to do that in season 2. Also, I don't think Jung-won and Song Hwa have any romantic feelings. Please enter your username or email address. Joon-wan complains about Seok-hyung’s behavior, saying that he doesn’t fit with him while Jung-won says that he doesn’t understand Ik-joon. keep the quality of the drama up for the finale, (ep 11 is great) and this show will win a spot in my top drama list I have ever watched...alongside Stranger, Reply series, Signal, My Mister.. How excellent an actor is YYS that he smouldered onscreen in Mr Sunshine and has such a low-key gentle vibe in this show? I kinda like how it was just on the side in the earlier eps. He tells the chief resident that a doctor who gives up on their patients is no longer a doctor. The whole scene was just hilarious, the way he was kicked out of the room by Seok-hyung and they continued across the glass panel of the door lol. He believes that time is key, but his advice only makes Rosa question his management abilities. Down in the cafeteria, Ik-joon makes Song-hwa repeat the spell before eating, and she tells herself that all the food is hers, no one will steal it, and she’s an intellectual. Now, I don’t watch R94, R88, PP, (but I watched R97 and loved it) so I don’t feel the ‘plot-twist and bread crumbs’ in their drama as my friend who is a hardcore fans of the writer-pd duo, In Seok-hyung’s office, his mom tells Lawyer Pyun that she won’t get the divorce, and Seok-hyung looks up in shock. Although a little bit, but it's the start . However, it turns out that this isn’t a date since Seok-min and Seon-bin join them as well. Her random "proposal" might be brushed off as a joke, but Song Hwa doesn't seem like a person who would freely joke on such a matter either. No Ship has sailed until the last season!! Hospital Playlist Drama Korea ini menggambarkan kisah para dokter, perawat, dan pasien di rumah sakit. Ikjun being honest with his feelings is really the highlight of this hour for me. When IJ and Joon Wan had found his priest referral letter a few eps back, they had both appeared shocked and were asking each other if JW really would go through with this. He has just confided in one of his friends about his passion project because he needs her to take over. But JWan taking back discretly his clementine was the cutest :p I really like this character, he's cold outside but pretty sensitive inside :p. I don't want to have to analyze every discussions, cinematography, etc. I might be a minority here, but I prefer not to have any love line amongst the friends. Back when Jung-won left with Song-hwa to retrieve her package, Ik-joon stayed behind to clean and heard Jung-won’s phone ringing. Well, I for one love them! Him not confiding even in his closest friends about his struggles and ambitions until he has worked it out for himself shows that he is more close in nature to his childhood city friend SH than his tempestuous roomie Joon Wan.I was hoping that we'd finally get a peek into his thought processes this ep, but may be ep 11 will be the one.

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