Kidd M.T. In this scenario, the traceability of poultry products will be essential. Hetland et al. Proper evaluation of this heat production may allow creating mechanisms for the utilisation of this energy, which could be translated in significant cost savings. Feedstuffs should no longer be considered as commodities. Thermal comfort inside poultry facilities is essential, as unfavourable environmental conditions significantly affect production. (2009) observed that corn density is directly related to its metabolisable energy content. Corzo A., Loar II R.E. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, 39: 311-316. Energy is usually the most expensive nutritional component of poultry diets. and Penz-Jr A.M. (2009). Section A: Audit of occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) • Review your OHSMS against the self-assessment checklist with relevant staff including your occupational health and safety professional, senior management and other … Gous R.M. The biofuel industry will compete for raw materials used for animal feeding, and will require the utilisation of its byproducts. The main objective was related to animal feed hygiene, to guarantee animal and human feed and food safety. Today, there is a wide range of nutraceuticals available in the market, including acidifiers, prebiotics, probiotics, essential oils, enzymes, osmoregulators, nucleotides, zinc oxide, etc. Many human foodborne bacterial infections are linked to poultry. Both excessive cold and heat may cause production losses and impair bird health and welfare and, in extreme situations, increase bird morbidity and/or mortality. The restrictions on the use of antimicrobials as growth promoters – due to consumer demands and to the recent understanding of the interaction between nutrients and intestinal health, intestinal microbiota and the immune system – will require nutritionists to change their paradigms. (2005) observed that pelleting improves effective dietary energy value by changing the behaviour of broilers, which includes higher feed intake of birds fed pelleted feed. Cowan W.D., Korsbak A., Hastrup T. and Rasmussen P.B. Li et al. However, the efficient use of these tools depends on the availability of detailed and accurate data, with a complete house inventory. In addition to lowering feed costs, this will also reduce nitrogen excretion in the environment (Nahm, 2002). (2000) Poultry Science, 79: 1444–1450. Helmbrecht A., Redshaw M.S., Elwert C., Veldkamp T. and Lemme A. Each step of the food supply chain will be increasingly controlled, with emphasis on risk monitoring through preventive and corrective actions (analysis and monitoring critical control points). Moura D.J., Bueno L.G.F., Lima K.A.O., Carvalho T.M.R. In 2005, the EU nations established the regulation 183/2005/CE that was implemented at beginning of 2006. Parsons A.S., Buchanan N.P., Blemings K.P., Wilson, M.E. (2005) Poultry Science, 84: 403-411. (2000), through genetic engineering, were able to improve the nutritional quality of corn, developing low-phytate varieties. and Moritz J.S. (2010). Andree S. and Schwaegele F. (2010) Proceedings of 13th European Poultry Conference, 197. (2006) concluded that higher particle sizes promote a linear increase in the feed efficiency of broilers. Supplying this demand for safer food requires transparency and commitment by all the parties involved in the process of food production, including governments. In this sophisticated context, growth modelling and data-analysis using computer systems will allow more robust decision-making, which will be the key for the sustainability and success of the poultry industry. (2010) Animal Feed Science and Technology, 157 (1)99-103. Monitoring flock health status will also be the key for the safe expansion of the poultry industry. Van der Werf H. and Prudêncio da Silva V. (2010) Proceedings of 13th European Poultry Conference, 139. and Kidd M.T. So, the design of new feed mills will have to consider the use of NIRS, providing more storage, dosing, and milling flexibility, which will allow savings that are not feasible today due to the lack of this physical infrastructure. Penz-Jr A.M. and Bruno, D.G. and Achterbosch, T.J. (2008) World’s Poultry Science Journal, 64: 40-52. (2010) observed that amylose-to-amylopectin ratio is one of the main factors that determines true metabolisable energy of corn, and can be used to predict available energy for poultry. The second one is the understanding of the segregation of ingredients concept. (2009) Poultry Science, 88:1934–1938. In this context, enzymes will be increasingly used, as they improve ingredient digestibility and nutrient absorption (Cowan et al., 1996), as well as reduce the detrimental effects of anti-nutritional factors, thereby allowing higher flexibility in the use of feedstuffs as well as reducing feed costs (Ferket, 2009) and pollutant excretion in animal waste (Penz-Jr and Bruno, 2010). Kornasio R., Uni Z. and Halevy O. This technique is operated by a visual image analysis (VIA) system that, using video cameras placed inside the poultry house, allows the continuous collection of images. In addition to growth models, simulation models could also be used to evaluate risks and to optimize financial return using data mining (correlations, classifications, associations, neural networks, and clustering) and data analysis by bioinformatics, meta-analysis, and holo-analysis techniques (Ferket, 2009). Skinner-Noblet D.O., McKinney L.J. (2005) Proceedings of 15th Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, 412-420. Technical factors and the evolution of science and technology, the availability of natural resources and water (which are becoming increasingly limited), and the maintenance of trade barriers must also be considered. and Uni Z. Methodologies to evaluate the impact of heat stress during corn (Métayer et al., 2009) and soybean meal drying (Helmbrecht et al., 2010) on their nutritional quality are currently available.

health and safety issues in poultry industry

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