One uses Bona Traffic, and the other uses Arboritec, both waterborne. Check out my Ebook – Discover the 6 Secrets to refinishing hardwood floors. It has little odor during application, which is a big benefit if you plan on finishing the floors yourself. Does Loba turn white oak any less yellow than Bona? Made from denatured alcohol mixed with secretions of the lac bug, an insect found in Asia, shellac has been used to seal and finish wood for hundreds of years. I just sanded my stairs & landing & don’t have a lot of choices of products in my area. Generally, if you are getting a much lower price on refinishing (while comparing the same type of poly (i.e. Looking to keep as natural color as possible. Barry – No, you can’t slow down the drying time (unless you switch polyurethanes). If you ask almost any experienced flooring professional, they will agree. The poly is more for scratch protection, not dent protection. Jacquee – That sounds like a regional brand, and I’m not familiar with it, so I can’t comment intelligently about it. As it relates to hardwood floors, polyurethane comes in a liquid form, and later hardens and cures over time for a durable finish. I just wanted to make sure you are aware of this. Made with synthetic resins and plasticizers, water-based polyurethane is a very durable finish that resists moisture fairly well (although you’ll still want to mop up any spills or leaks ASAP). This was never the case. It could be how the poly (w/ hardener) was mixed for sure. You’ll also need to allow quite a bit more time for the project than with water-based polyurethane and clean up with mineral spirits rather than soap and water. When will I need to refinish my hardwood floors? Hopefully your paint isn’t white…as any poly will change the color. Meg – I seriously doubt this will work. I used Bona Mega to refinish my oak hardwood floor … You’ll need to call in pros to tackle the job, possibly even replace the floorboards. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Most hardwood flooring will likely need resurfacing and resealing every decade or so, depending on the amount of traffic in your home. Did you find my tips helpful? streaks: I’ve used it for over 15 years , never a problem till 6 months ago. You won’t apply this yourself, though; aluminum oxide is only available as an option on prefinished flooring planks. StreetShoe would be my 2nd choice water borne polyurethane. But, as they and Duraseal recently reformulated, we found Duraseal to be superior. That makes a lot more sense. You can read more about them in this article: Oil based vs water borne polyurethane. WAIT! They come in a variety of forms such as insulation, furniture cushioning, carpet padding, mattresses, liquid coatings, adhesives, shoe soles and many more items. Liquid hardwood floor restorers come packaged in 16-, 32-, 64-, and 128-ounce containers. Oil-based polyurethane offers … This article also provides links so that you can check out the products further and even purchase them online. Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring mineral that provides an extremely long-lasting protective coating on hardwood floors. In brief, we had the third floor (older floors) sanded and tinted with Bona Nordic Seal to even out the look of the “mismatched” rooms and because i love the look on old wood, and that turned out great. and, prob naturale in old area. We use this when our customers want (or are required by their co-op) to use water borne poly, but their budget won’t accommodate Bona Traffic.

hardwood floor refinishing products reviews

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