Still, if I can get on HF, even a bit more than the previous limited amount, that would motivate me to advance. Technicians will be happy to note they’ll have new phone and image privileges on 80 meters (3,900 – 4,000 kHz), 40 meters (7,225 – 7,300), and 15 meters (21,350 – 21,450 kHz). I have an ic7300 and 9700 and intend on getting general and extra whether it changes or not. The restrictions to VHF are a relic of the days long gone. The Technician test would have to be totally revamped to include HF use. Technician Class Frequency Privileges in Ham Radio. Many of you have suggested in the past that the SWLing Post join an affiliate links program. Repurposing the old 40m Novice CW band to ACDS is going to sting a bit, especially those out there who have their old Novice rigs or enjoy slower CW conversations. Thank you, too, for your support of these sites. 0000033676 00000 n CB didnt keep up with the times, either and it’s now dead. 0000202159 00000 n The SWLing Post now participates in two affiliate advertising programs with two large retailers that still sell shortwave radios, the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the eBay Partnership, designed to provide a means for sites like ours to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to these retailers of radio products. Definitely. I’m a 63 year old Extra class licensed for 46 years – probably the typical ham you see wandering around hamfests these days. Cb has been one of the largest growth markets in the wireless industry the past few years. I used to drive 45 minutes to/from my office in the wee hours of the morning from Dallas to McKinney. if you are an extra, mentor someone and help them out. 0000195909 00000 n 0000011623 00000 n 0000002333 00000 n Just in the last 5 years, mostly, Ham Radio started to add features to radios, like SD cards and Bluetooth, most consumers have been using that stuff for 10 years. That’s what I like about these changes. Once this plan is approved I’ll get back on the air, listen and learn from the long time HF HAM’s. 0000202708 00000 n Part of Ham Radio For Dummies Cheat Sheet . I'll chime in with my $0.02. I hope not, but you never know what new wideband mode someone will develop for the ham bands. trailer If this happens, when would these privileges begin? 75 years ago, if you showed a stary eyed kid how you could make beeping noises (CW) and talk to someone on the other side of the planet, they might be intrigued. So whatever it takes to keep it alive. 0000012681 00000 n I had no motivation to get my general as I was satisfied with the digital bands as well as my local 2 meter repeaters, but once I try the hf bands out, my mind may change about upgrading so I can expand those privileges. By H. Ward Silver . Radio technology hasn’t improved in 30 years aside from LEDs. 0000182064 00000 n Unlike ham radio. In general I was in support of the proposal, but I think the changes to 40 meters will create a mess. 67 0 obj <> endobj Its dieing man and its about to be takin from us and auctioned off. Others upgrade to the General class to obtain additional operating privileges. I remember when I got my Tech and then Tech+ (which was quickly dropped back to Tech by the FCC) in Reno, NV in the early 90’s. As a Technician licensee, you have free access to all amateur frequencies above 50 MHz, but what about on … Just waters down my getting my extra class license. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. 0000216602 00000 n Many hams take the Technician class test and remain “Techs” for a long time. There are three types of licenses for ham radio operators: technician, general, and amateur extra. Many Techs are quite happy with the ability to operate on the popular VHF and UHF ham bands with their license. 67 78 I think many of us are motivated by the fact we love radio more than anything else. The first 2 tiers of the FCC amateur license (technician and general) will each have 35 questions. Novice/Tech can currently use 7025-7125 kHz but CW only. For the record, even though I now have some HF ability, that isn’t going to stop me from getting extra. 0000182130 00000 n we all were. After the January Board meeting, the Committee received and considered hundreds of comments from interested amateurs. I do plan to retire in a little over two years on my land at 7,000ft in the middle of no-where. Today, the average person carries more technology on their hip than the entire NASA organization had when they put the first man on the moon! This chart helps you follow the rules. The final band plan can be viewed on the ARRL website. 0000202223 00000 n 0000222161 00000 n No Morse code is required. Expanding the digital segments of those bands IMO would have had more appeal to a younger generations that prefer texting to talking. 0000008928 00000 n 0000223365 00000 n Techs have had limited HF access since 2006 or so (when they dropped Morse entirely). The new plan only applies to the HF band and makes no changes to 160 and 60 meters. 0000173758 00000 n Actually don’t fret…with this article I’ve already purchased the needed hardware to get my TS-530S back up and running. I was scared to death. Extra now, loved radio over the years. We hope you understand, and are grateful for your support. When nothing else can get through, code can. 0000223071 00000 n It’s been stagnant for too long and holds little interest with young people any longer. 0000024541 00000 n 0000012943 00000 n 0000015358 00000 n This means that by clicking on these links, a small percentage of the purchase price for goods you purchase from these sellers will help support our site’s running costs.

ham technician license privileges 2020

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