The Great Bear Lake area affords a wonderful hunting ground, and 'fly in' is the mode of transportation. Like Great Slave Lake, Great Bear Lake is frozen for much of the year. The deepest the lake gets is 1,463 feet, with an average depth of 235 feet. Its maximum depth is … The surface area is 12,028 square miles. From this point on, uranium from the Congo, refined at Port Hope, will dominate the Manhattan Project. Irregular in shape and containing many small islands, Great Bear Lake is roughly 200 miles (320 km) long and 25–110 miles (40–175 km) wide and has a maximum depth of 1,356 feet (413 m). At this point over 220 tons of uranium from Great Bear Lake have already been delivered. It is the largest in Canada, fourth largest in North America, and eighth largest in the entire world. Its area of 12,096 square miles (31,328 square km) makes it the largest lake entirely within Canada and the … Its maximum depth is 1,463 feet. Great Bear Lake is located in Canada. Lake Superior: 37th Deepest Lake in the World via flickr/kjell. Great Bear Lake is located in Canada's Northwest Territories and is intersected by the Arctic Circle at its northern extreme. 25 November 2020 at 18:00-00:00: Fair, Temperature -15, 0 mm, Light breeze, 2 m/s from west-northwest The largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is also the deepest Great Lake and the 6th deepest lake in Canada. Fishing Lake Trout, Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Whitefish 1943 to 1945 : Uranium from Canada, Colorado, and the Congo is used in the World War II Atom Bomb Project: Great Bear Lake. Great Bear Lake drains through the Great Bear River into the Mackenzie River. The Lake is one of the deeper lakes in the world at 1463 feet, and the water is a pristine lake environment.

great bear lake depth

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