A hot, farm-made pizza emerges from the oven. https://www.seriouseats.com/2015/04/essential-goat-milk-cheese.html Seal Cove Farm owner Barbara Brooks trained in France in the traditional methods of French cheese making. Contents: 66 cards. https://www.woolwichdairy.com/en/recipes/goat-cheese-margherita-pizza Serving Size 1/3 pizza (142g/5.1oz) Servings Per Container 3 Goat Cheese with Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs. Made with all natural, fresh & local ingredients. 11 Taco 11 Cat 11 Goat 11 Cheese 11 Pizza 3 Narwhal 3 Gorilla 3 Groundhog 2 Instructions No preservatives, no GMO's, no trans-fats (Gluten-Free: No) Bake or Grill in 12 - 15 minutes. With fresh milk collected from her herd of dairy goats, Barbara crafts cheeses that rival the balanced flavor and texture of French goat cheese. Nutrition Facts. Tommes: made with goat's milk, aged several weeks.

goat milk cheese pizza

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