Great fresh opening (very similar to Dior Homme Cologne) which develops into a very pleasant dry down. This is a modern man scent, soft, nice, sweet, inoffensive, clean, polite. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Ounces. It's very different to the original Gentlemen Only, and has all of the old-school rough elements smoothed down. It is mildly sweet and a little powdery, but not as powdery as Dior Homme or Dior Eau for men. 4.5 out of 5 stars 159. Top notes are Pear, Cardamom and Pineapple; middle notes are iris, Lavender and Geranium; base notes are Leather, Black Vanilla Husk and Patchouli. Those who claim this cannot compare the old Gentlemen Givenchy you are stuck in the past. 6 sprays and I r the color. I picked up a bottle of Gentleman Only a few months ago and admittedly have given it a few wearings but have reached for other fragrances this Fall. Iris is not quite as powdery as it is in DH, and it has a bit more body to it from the added leather. I rarely ever complain about performance as I like to respect fragrances if they want to be on the softer side but this takes it a bit too far for me. I can sense there some nice wood furniture. The heart of this perfume reminds me a lot of the Coach Platinum I tried a few days before it--a bit less musk and a bit more of an herbal smell from this one. It's nice, mass-market, inoffensive, the kind of scent that people will like, but love? It smells like Lalique white with weaker performance and silage. But to me the pear is similar to the fresh green apple note in Hugo by Hugo Boss (or a less sweet Layton by PdM).. I like The One. Givenchy makes good fragrances for both men and women. I don’t wear it often. The dry down felt well-balanced in that it's masculine and woody without it being sting-your-nose bitter or acidic. they should have marketed this as it's own fragrance, not a reformulation of the original. It opens very harsh with the pear note that everyone talks about. Heart notes: rosemary, iris, vetiver Givenchy Gentleman (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Givenchy for men and was released in 1974. I get similarities to Dior Homme Eau and Valentino Uomo Aqua, but both of those fragrances are much higher quality than this and don't turn acidic and chemical on skin. I see the likening to Escentric Molecules. It's unfair to discredit a fragrance just because it has the same name as the original Gentleman. The creation is signed by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp, just like the previous versions. As develops, leathery nuances comes to complete the picture. Sniffed it at Bloomingdales I love this fragrance. I really enjoy it although I don’t get much Iris. 1,012 votes. Givenchy Gentleman Cologne EDT 100 ml Férfi. The scent is very light, fresh & pleasant.. termék a katalógusban... Ft . Far better suited to the likes of DKNY or Calvin Klein than a prestigious maison like Givenchy. Gentleman (2017) was created by Olivier Cresp and Nathalie Lorson. No one will remember this fragrance in 5 years. Is it still pleasant and very wearable? He is gentle man, but enough manly. A soft woody petitgrain and clean musk fragrance, with hint of lemon at its opening, and iris peeking through as it dries down (but never lipstick-y). I smell it on my skin for a while and love it. In 2017, the classic Givenchy Gentlmen fragrance receives a completely new, modernized reinterpretation under de name of Gentleman Givenchy, which seeks to showcase how this fragrance would be if it was only made today. I don't get much else besides pear in the opening, and because of that, it's pretty thin. Can't really say much about this one, it's ok. Hard to dislike so a safe bet and doesn't smell very cheap so, that's a plus now a days, actually better then most givenchy. For me it’s a positive as I find the relentless citrus pulp of DHC cloying after a while and have sold it and the Mercedes clone quite quickly after buying in the past. At this stage it smells a bit like Prada Homme Intense. I imagine a calm, self assured gentleman in a black suit when I picture this. This scent has nothing to do with the original Givenchy Gentleman other than sharing the same name. I fully concede that Gentlemen Givenchy (2017) is neither groundbreaking nor original. I've had a few chances now to compare it with my earlier vintage bottles with the wraparound silver label. I might generate some hate for saying this but I'm still gonna say it anyway, i absolutely hate the original gentlemen, it is my dad's signature scent. kiragold....I swear to God I've used this perfume 50 times and never once have got a single molecule of Pear, Pineapple, airiness or freshness of any kind. Tried the new Gentleman. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. This strikes me as a good fragrance for someone chaotic neutral, like a youthful but hardened gumshoe from a Film Noir. Barely 15 minutes later, this pear-carda duo burns off, completely! Not sure, but as woman I don't mind this light perfume on man. It's sophisticated and yet unobtrusive. I don't get all the hate about this one ! He is ideal and perfect at everything - communication, the way he walks, his clothes style, his looks.... And I love this gentleman! Is this anything special, or unique? I was hoping the trend wouldn't be picked up by other houses but I suppose in runs in the family... Really with that cat in the Ad lol. You could wear this causal and professional and it lasts 6+ hours. Although it smells a bit generic to begin with it soon gets into its own place once the top notes wear off. Safe. I can sense spicy, airy notes and in background light patchouli. To me it seems fairly insulting; recycling the name and bottle of your company's greatest scent, and filling it with literally the most middle-of-the-road fragrance you can come up with. There is no comparison with the old wonderful scent. Having got the rather excellent edp for winter, i thought i would try this for summer. Dahlia Divin EDT for Women - … Gentleman Eau de Parfum - 50 ml... MRP Rs 5950. I find the opening interesting and quite unique. It's actually an iris scent for people that don't like iris. It's literally not there anymore!The iris and lavender kick in, but unfortunately, there is a genericness to them that is too present to be ignored - the heart of this perfume smells like lavender petals tossed inside new plastic with lipstick smeared on it. My nose also picks up ginger, although not listed as a note. It gives a Mugler cologne vibe sometimes. I never smelled the original Gentleman, but apparently there's this new chap in town with the same name. Moreover, they are opposite as the 2017 version is sweet, irisy, fruity and light. Today's tendency is to make crap. A 10/10 for me. Probably. I can't handle the makeup bag aura that iris gives off--it makes me immediately dry heave. Beauty Almanac |. Generic? But does it get you compliments? Why not just call a scent like this Gentleman Today rather than use the name of a scent we all know it's not going to smell like? Typical fresh opening, some fresh and fruity pear mixed with some freshness from the lavender, nothing new here, same generic crap, but for a generic fragrance is nice, soft and clean, didn't bother me so the quality is ok, can't say the same for most designer releases this year that smell like deodorant and hairspray. I have been wearing the classic Gentleman since I was 18. Innovative. Longevity and sillage is average, nothing special there. It's a pleasant smell and I know the criticism will be that it isn't particularly ground-breaking. 4.15 I get why all the hate. I dunno why all the hate for this either. Ambroxan is very subdued here so those who hate aquatic sea salt (like me) will enjoy this very much. beautiful fragrance with terrible performance. The drydown is absolutely the best part of this fragrance. A prime example of why you should ignore negative ratings and buy what you enjoy. Tried this on a tester strip in passing. Along with Dior Homme and Guerlain L'Homme Ideal, Givenchy Gentleman is a winner for me. The opening is so strangely bitter and nice, I love it! The smell is androgynous, sweet and cheap. But, that said, I think it's not bad at all. Plastic and wood continue to be the utterance of this perfume until the end. With Dior's aggressive marketing and name on the bottle, this would sell like crazy. Unfortunately, it's not different enough from GO to warrant a purchase. I understand that lovers of the original would not be into this. In 2017, the classic Givenchy Gentlmen fragrance receives a completely new, modernized reinterpretation under de name of Gentleman Givenchy, which seeks to showcase how this fragrance would be if it was only made today. Smelled my jacket and sure enough it was. Having said that, I have read some of the reviews below and felt that I should provide my feedback on this fragrance. I actually wear this on colder days rather than warm, the petitgrain and iris notes blend a lot better and won't smell too sticky together. Doesn't project loudly but that's not a complaint. Please, please don't say that they will now discontinue this iconic fragrance for a cheap and nasty replacement!

givenchy gentleman edt

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