Silly Sir Visits Germany: Our Gold-Winning Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Recipe Note: post updated March 10th, 2018 with batch 2 revision and notes. Brewer: Brubaker Brewing Co. Batch Size: 5.00 gal Style: Weizen/Weissbier (15A) Boil Size: 6.46 gal Style Guide: BJCP 2008 Color: 4.6 SRM Equipment: Standard 5 gal. there were 15 entries so pretty good. A common hefeweizen recipe would be 50 to 70% wheat malt, 30 to 50% Pilsner malt, and 0 to 5% light colored dextrin malt. Looked up this recipe to brew it for Oktoberfest 2014 and realized I never noted that it placed 3rd in the Louisiana Club Homebrew competition. So it is with great sadness that admit that I recently brewed one of my favorite beers, a completely by the numbers, no-nonsense German Hefe Weisse. Learn how to make one today! Writing to you live from Silly Sir Brewery/a tiny apartment somewhere in Toronto it's me again - here to share with you the fantastic learnings we had drinking beer and visiting breweries in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Our German Hefeweizen all grain beer kit is crafted from the highest quality malted grain, adjunct and Germany’s finest noble hop variety for subtle balance. German Hefeweizen Recipe Wheat makes up the bulk of the grain used in a Hefeweizen. Coopers Wheat Beer Recipe supplied by: Mark Henry Description: A light wheat beer with the refreshing tartness of Northern German wheat beers. That is all you need to brew a great hefeweizen. And I know it’s traditional because I used red wheat! Enough said. While you might consider adding some other malts to develop bready flavors or body, I learned it is much better to focus on your process. The recipe I used for this batch was very close to another one I brewed in the fall of 2008 that was just about perfect, banana (but not too much), bread, clove, light, spritzy, and delicious (I did up the alcohol a bit this time to 5% ABV). Equipment: Bitterness: 11.7 IBUs Boil Time: 60 min Est OG: 1.051 (12.6° P) Mash Profile: Single Infusion, Medium Body, No Mash Out Est FG: 1.011 SG (2.9° P) Fermentation: Regular Ale Profile ABV: 5.2% Taste Rating: 30.0 If you have ever had a Hefeweizen in Germany while sitting beside the Rhine you'll know how great of a beer it is. Traditional German Hefeweizen March 30th, 2013 . Originating in the South of Germany up to 50% or more of the grain used in the grist is wheat and this plus the yeast used for fermentation are the main drivers of the distinct flavour and hazy appearance of the beer. WLP380 - Hefeweizen IV Yeast. We recommended the liquid yeast options for this recipe in order to replicate the distinctive clove and banana flavours, however, the dry option will still produce some nice subtle character. Very fast and easy to make.

german hefeweizen recipe

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