The average pay for a General Surgeon is $405,954 a year and $195 an hour in Maryland, United States. The BLS noted in May 2018 that the mean annual salary of surgeons … Professionals with 1 to 4 years of experience typically earn between $79,189 and $312,184 a year, and … I know a few general surgeons who make over a million a year (allegedly) who work a ton. While the mean salary for a doctor in the United States saw a +4.6% increase over the past … The lowest … Salary Trends from 2018 to 2019. Medscape’s latest physician salary report shows an overall growth trend in physician salaries for 2020, while recognizing that recent events have negatively impacted salaries. General surgeons must graduate from medical school, complete a general surgery residence, and obtain licensing. The pay scale for the Deputy Surgeon General or an Assistant Surgeon General with a rank of major general … The average U.S. Army salary ranges from approximately $38,806 per year for Cardiovascular Technician to $228,819 per year for Cardiology Physician. Data from Doximity Report 2. 200-500k. The average salary range for a General Surgeon is between $264,310 and $560,421.On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for a General Surgeon. All types of surgeons must begin their training as general surgeons before they can move on to a specialty. Depends on academic vs private; rural vs urban. The Surgeon General in 2011 is Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA. Medscape … 1. Deputy and Assistant Surgeon General Salaries. Salary range. Average U.S. Army hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.25 per hour for Eye Specialist to $124 per hour for Emergency Medicine Physician. "Average" is 350k by some surveys. According to, the median salary for a general surgeon is $374,310 . General surgeon salaries can vary significantly depending on professional experience. Based on 30% average increase.

general surgeon salary

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