If you have plenty of hair to work with, divide them into sections and gently pull the brush or comb through it. It has wide-spaced bristles too, so you can get both the detangling and towel-drying in one quick step. Plus, it’ll look adorable sitting on your vanity or bedside table. You will need to select the checkbox above to allow us to email you. It has air vents to promote circulation at the level of your roots, so it can be used with a hairdryer. Flexible Detangling Wet Brush BD2511. Finding an excellent detangling brush can solve most, if not all your curly hair woes. After all, you wouldn’t want to redistribute product buildup when you use your tool on clean hair. Click here for additional information . Its resistance to high temperatures makes it fit for use while styling with a blow-dryer. It is important to use the right brush for detangling your knots to achieve flawless, bouncy, and healthy-looking locks. All of Tangle Teezer’s brushes are amazing (one is even a Cosmo Hair Awards winner), but if your hair is… When you turn on the brush, the device will vibrate and release negative ions to eliminate any static and frizz. Artnaturals Detangling Hair Brush retails for S$19.21, available at iHerb. The comb detangles knots and smooths flyaways easily. Enjoy a free limited edition festive drink from the Alley with every L’Oreal Professionnel Parisian French Gloss service! But wait, how will you select which one is the best for your hair type? Its bristles are made of 100 percent natural boar, which are incredibly gentle on the hair and scalp. All rights reserved. When your hair is riddled with knots and tangles, brushing or combing can feel like a futile attempt. A perfect handbag-friendly hair styler, this detangling hair brush is designed for textured and long, thick curly hair. sephora.com. The best time to detangle knots in curly hair is when they are wet. Featuring a tear-drop handle, the brush gives you a secure grip while you brush through wet or dry hair. It has wide-toothed bristles to prevent tugging and snagging while you use it to comb through your hair. FlexiGlide Octopus design head has 8 individual bristle detangling comb rows, making it flexible to bend and tackle unruly knots with ease. This Christophe Robin detangling … So, this is the right time to make your mornings happy by choosing a mate for your hair from this list of the 10 best detangling hair brushes for curly hair in 2020. With this guide and our list of the 10 best detangling brushes, we hope you have an easy time picking the best one for your curls. Simple to use, the battery-powered brush is like a classic styling brush that glides through wet or dry hair and smoothes out all tangles effortlessly. The Denman Flexible Vent Brush D200 has long been a go-to detangling tool for many women with curly hair. You can also use it on dry hair for smoother, shinier tresses. Do your curls give you a hard time when you’re trying to tame them? Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush retails for S$19.80, available at Brush With The Best. Enjoy 15% off popular K-beauty brand, I Dew Care, as it makes its debut in Southeast Asia! You can use this brush on wet hair for detangling right after you hop out of the shower, or on dry hair to get rid of bedhead and knots. If you have a head full of curly hair, you should make this... 2. Its bristles are in a radial pattern, which helps to smooth out kinks in the hair quickly, even when you’re on-the-go. This daily detangling brush comes with an anti-slip rubber handle, making it easy to use. It even has a vented back to help you cut down on drying time. When using a detangling brush or comb, make sure you start from the bottom ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. What’s more, these everyday tools can redistribute the natural oils in your hair. The non-slip rubber handle offers a comfortable grip and tension while combing. For best results, use this detangling brush after applying some hair conditioner. This set of 2 impressive brushes work wonders on unruly curls, leaving them tangle and knot-free. Brushes designed for both wet and dry hair are incredibly gentle and do not cause unnecessary wear and tear. This detangling hair brush from CkeyiN doubles up as a massage device, so you get to enjoy two benefits in a nifty gadget. Verb Detangling Brush retails for S$24, available at Sephora. Should I detangle my curly hair every day? Always look for a brush that glides effortlessly through your hair and reduces breakage. Boar bristles also do a great job of carrying your scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair, so your strands stay well-conditioned for days on end. Designed with a non-slip rubber handle, the brush’s funky rippled teeth smooth out post-shampoo tangles easily. Tangle Teezer Thick And Curly Detangling Hairbrush. Work in sections and use a wide-tooth comb to loosen tangles gently. Do you need to look at the bristles, or should you focus on its durability? The brush offers a smooth gliding movement, unlocking the knots without any pulling or snagging. Its curved and oversized head makes it apt for all hair types. Christophe Robin Boar Bristle Detangling Hairbrush, CkeyiN Electric Ionic Hair Brush Massager, Conair Gel Grips Detangle & Style Hair Brush, Milk + Sass Macaron Hair Detangling Brush. If you have an unmanageable mane that takes forever to dry, then you need to try the Goody Old Quik Style Brush, stat. So Eco Detangling Comb retails for S$9, available at LookFantastic. They come with long, soft teeth that detangle knots without causing breakage. Plus, it will sit pretty on your dressing table. You’re probably familiar with Tangle Teezer’s compact detangling hairbrush, but here’s one of their newer brushes to keep your hair knot-free. Denman D3 Iconic Styling Hair Brush. Tangle Teezer Thick And Curly Detangling Hairbrush, Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush, Ineffable Care Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set, Remington Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush, Curly Hair Solutions The Original Flexy Brush, 13 Best Bobby Pins For Thick Hair In 2020, 11 Best Babyliss Flat Irons For Hair Straightening In 2020, 11 Best Ionic Hair Brushes For Gorgeous Hair, 9 Best Oribe Shampoos For Beautiful And Thick Hair, 11 Best Remington Hair Dryers Of 2020 For Gorgeous Hair, How To Clean Your Hair Brush - The Complete Guide, 10 Best Coconut Oil-based Products For Everyday Hair Care, How To Wash Hair Without Shampoo: 6 Simple Ways To Try, The 11 Best Hair Ties For Thick Hair Of 2020. Tangle Teezer The Large Wet Detangler retails for S$24.50, available at LookFantastic. We are certain that you have tried all the possible ways to tame your long thick curly hair, haven’t you? Its unique staggered pin pattern offers maximum grip and tension while combing. She reviews beauty, skin care, and wellness products from specialized curated lists. Stay on trend with the Wet Brush Original Detangler hair brush. It may not be suitable for those with a sensitive scalp. Pro with Case. Created by Felicia Leatherwood, a celebrity hairstylist, the Detangler Brush is a great option for those with thick, coarse hair. If you’re ready to say goodbye to knots and hair breakage, check out our list of detangling brushes and combs ahead. If you have fine hair that’s prone to breakage, you’ll want to use a detangling brush with thin, flexible bristles like Verb’s Detangling Brush. These are the 10 best detangling hair brushes for curly hair you can buy before 2020 comes to an end. The brush features 7 rows of soft, round-ended pins, which reduce the chances of hair getting snagged and breaking. However, this brush is not best for wet hair or during styling. You can keep it in the shower to help distribute your conditioner or mask evenly throughout your hair. Instead of wrestling your hair with a regular brush, pick up this paddle brush. If you’re using the brush with a heat styler, make sure you apply a heat protectant spray or a leave-in cream first to reduce damage. Moreover, it gently smooths the cuticle layer, which increases the overall shine. With the Remington electric detangling hair brush, you can comb away even the knottiest of knots without any pain. The round-tipped bristles also massage your scalp gently as you brush it through your hair to promote healthy hair growth. Christophe Robin Boar Bristle Detangling Hairbrush retails for S$163, available at Sephora. I agree to allow Daily Vanity Pte Ltd to include me in their mailing list for marketing and communications matters. My Account; Search. Avoid detangling your hair when it is dry, as it causes a lot of breakage. She has previously worked with media and publication houses in varied capacities as a lifestyle writer, an editor, a copywriter, and a translator. With the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush, wave hello to knot-free and healthy-looking hair. Linkedin-in. It distributes natural oils from root to tip and rejuvenates the scalp.

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