Thank you ka P’Ting (that’s how Thai’s call someone older. This was considered a celebratory dish that was generally made at temple gatherings, big family parties or festivals. I love fatty bits of meat, especially the skins. After a night out on Saturday in Bangkok, I caught an early morning flight to Chiangmai to see some family up North. When hot, add the chile mixture and cook until aromatic. London If you go with beef, it will have a stronger meatier taste. The Thai food purist might ghast in horror at this stage. In the word of Marie Kondo, “it sparks joy” for me. 7. Every time we make it, I eat it up so quickly as it is comforting, not too spicy, super aromatic and damn tasty. The smell is gorgeous. Instead of fresh chili, I use curry and chili paste. Generously throw on your herb. Really full on tasty and spicy breakfast – crazy right? Served with steamed vegetables. quarantine 2020 in the UK, I can appreciate that food shopping is painful or even food can be hard to come by. 6. Nam prik ong is a life-changing, spicy Thai tomato and pork stir-fry. In the bowl of a small food processor, blend together the whole dried chile, garlic, red onion, and shallot until combined. Let me know how it goes. Nam Prik Ong – this is the “dish” for me. It is nourishment for the body and the soul. – herb garnish of coriander, spring onion – but feel free to explore. Today, I’ll share my Nam Prik Ong recipe. Sometimes a touch of sugar is needed to bring it together. Ingredients 1 cup raw cashews 6 … If you deiced to use chicken, you can go ahead and do so, nothing to adjust – just follow exact this pad prik … Let it cook further so the sauce starts to bubble and concentrates. This is a tasty Thai appetizer that is great for serving crowds. we just add Pee in front of their name to show respect). In a medium-sized pot, heat the oil over medium heat. Have a question about the nutrition data? Fresh vegetables, such as endive, for serving. At this stage, you can add a touch of water/broth for things to start to come together. So I hope this joy that I get from making and eating this dish will be shared with you. We are not far from the city centre so it is super convenient to go hang out at the Walking Street after dinner. Use a food processor/hand blender if you have these. (Entrance on Lots Road). The juices from the tomatoes will start to flow out. For those who prefer stronger and sweeter taste, I suspect my version is a bit more “country/rural” and rather light in terms of sweetness and tartness in comparison to the big-city-bright-light version. These guys are usually not the spiciest so you will get the colour, smell and some smokiness), – dried birds eyes chilli 2 to 3 (With the family, we put 7 but I think it might be a bit much so adjust it as you go. originally tua nao or dried round pads of fermented soybean was used but now my family like to use shrimp paste or kapi more. A stew typically made with beef, pork, sometimes chicken. 15 Ground Beef Soup Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners Beef Stew Recipes Cabbage Soup Recipes ... (Nam Prik Ong) Servings Per Recipe: 6 Calories: 452.1 % … You can have this with rice, salads, crudite, with noodle/paste, etc. Add the chicken and cook through. Add miso/fermented soybean – drain this first. For now, I will share with you a recipe of one of the dishes that you can make at home #quarantinecooking. They would make huge pots of this to feed the whole village at times. And the best part is everyone is fighting to feed you so it is only a matter of eating, chatting and eating some more in this glorious vicious cycle. Minced Pork With Tomato Sauce and Boiled Vegetables or Thai call is “Nam Prik Ong with Pak Tom”. This dish is from northern Thailand and it’s one of my favorites. You do you. Gaeng Hune Le – I have talked about this signature dish in my previous posts. Add minced pork (or your choice of minced protein – chicken,tofu,beef) to the pan and mix well with the paste. – mince pork 500g (if you don’t eat pork, chicken or tofu is fine. Oops there I said it. My favourite version are the pork, fish or vegetarian version of tofu and mushroom. The word “app” means a method of cooking food in the North that involves making a patty from minced meat, gorgeous local herbs and spices, and eggs wrapped in banana leaf and grill over charcoal. In a large bowl, mix together the chicken and cherry tomatoes. There were a few things that we gotta eat together with the family so our meal includes Gaeng Hung Le, Nam Prik Ong, App Moo, Nam Prik Noom, Khao Soi, Kanom jeen Nam Ngiao and Gaeng Hoh. Served with fresh vegetables, such as endive. As always, try it out and tweak it. Pad Prik King is Thai red curry stir fried green beans. You pound Thai dried chili, shallots, garlic cloves together with mortar and pestle until they all become a smooth paste. I love putting edible flowers, dill as well. So hang in there everyone. There were a few people there – cousins, aunties and uncles. Don’t use high heat as it will burn. The vegetables are traditionally dipped into the relish and then eaten, you can also use fresh or boiled vegetable as you wish. Nam prik is a chile-based dip found all over Thailand. Making Nam Prik Ong is so easy, the first thing you need to prepare is to chop chicken breast into small pieces. Side note: usually we don’t need to do much to it because we have the saltiness is from the salt and miso that was added to the paste at the beginning. In a pan, saute the reserved 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic in oil using medium heat. 533 Kings Road I realised this is a long post so let me continue withe rest of the dishes in my next post. This recipe is from my time cooking with Sister Ting. For Italians, look away now! 3. Rice, noodles/pasta, toast, salad leaves, even celery sticks will taste amazing with it! So yes perhaps I make this dish for the crackling. Anyway I hope you get to make this yummy Thai style Bolognese. The amount of chilli is easily changed here, and it’s important to play around with the balance of other seasonings too, to find out how you like it. ), – miso/fermented soybean paste/natto 1 tablespoon (shrimp paste if you prefer. Nam prik is a kind of chile-based sauce or dip that can be found all over Thailand, while nam prik ong is a version from Northern Thailand made with dried chiles, ground pork and tomatoes. I always look forward to that. For an extra-special presentation, take about a spoonful of the filling and place it into little endive "boats" — making serving spoons unnecessary. Eat with anything. Put the peeled shallots and garlic (reserve 1 tablespoon) into a mortar with a pinch of salt. I will explain to you what’s what. Usually stir fried with chicken or beef and personally I love with beef because the pungent spicy red curry and green beans goes SO well with beef! Nam prik is a chile-based dip found all over Thailand. 5. Since time together is like gold dust, it is always a blast. I know people tend to want some eggs, toast and/or granola for breakfast but in Thailand and many parts of Asia we eat what we eat anytime of the day. At this stage, you can taste and add your seasoning. Anything goes! These are guidelines then, since ingredients vary and so do tastebuds! Once the garlic is golden brown, add the paste and fry slowly until super fragrant. Given the new norm that we live in now i.e. I chose Nam Prik Ong as it is the most accessible in terms of ingredients and should be the most fuss free. And let me tell you, the members are very picky and vocal about what they like or didn’t like. The good thing about coming home for a short period of time is everyone treats you like royalty. Once the pork is almost fully cooked, add the chopped big and cherry tomatoes. (yes my and Aunty Nong’s face got cut off in the right picture. I don’t love it. 4. We swapped the meat for cashews; it gives the dip a healthyish twist as well as a smoother, creamier texture. It will start to become saucier. When hot, … For me, food is more that just sustenance. Served with fresh ginger, peanuts, chilies and cabbage. In the Northern Thai dialect, “ong” refers to a method of stir frying something for a long period of time until the liquid evaporates and thicken. We got in to Chiangmai around mid morning. It is tart, salty with mild natural sweetness from the tomato and a gentle kick of heat for good measures. People are always coming in and out so the atmosphere is always lively. 2. In the bowl of a small food processor, blend together the whole dried chile, garlic, red onion, and shallot until combined. It makes me smile and it lifts up my mood no matter what is happening around me.

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