What matters is that you win your fights. I know I mentioned an mma fight but I do not know much about boxing. Start putting on the Vaseline so your opponent’s punches can slip off y ou. You should be banking at least 8 hours sleep per night in the week in the lead up to a fight. The article was very intuitive and well written out like usual , but how long have you been boxing & how many years before you felt extremely proficient or almost pro level in boxing ? With more people in the UK boxing, more people are experiencing the final week before a contest. Same goes with eating. Im going to have my first fight a few days late It was helpful, and Im sorry for causing such a confusion., what i actually Tried to ask is that, i kinda lost some Kilos in the past few months Doing some heavy running and stuff.. But now my Coach has asked me to Gain a few pounds so that i can move up a few categories. You have to LOOK ready and BE ready to attack. In his latest blog Frank Buglioni explains the final stage of preparation before a contest THE hardest and most crucial time for fight preparations are often in the final stages. This is for you to decide. Who’s got your cellphone? Here is my list of final fight preparation tips so you can focus on your fight! People are texting you for the time and directions and parking information. All the hard work and training is behind you. Ring Generalship (Tempo Is Everything) Another general rule is the fighter who controls the tempo wins the fight. I love reading all of your posts. I was just concerned on whether it is or isn’t? My question is not related to this topic, although I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time. It’s stressful to warm-up when you keep getting texted by people who can’t find the place, can’t find parking, don’t have the address, etc. I practice kickboxing (though I like MMA) at home by watching videos by some real kind guys like you. Hello bro, Stick to what you’re comfortable with! Hi johnny im from india . Who needs a ride? It’s not a big deal. Avoid talking about new strategy before the fight. Others are shadowboxing all night. These are rituals seasoned boxers accrue over a career, you may have one night to get it right. Thanks a lot ! Stay in and around the fighters dressing room. If you have time please mail me. It’ll also give you more power for your punches. For example, if we fight on a Saturday night, when is the last day that I should run, hit the heavy bag, etc.? I’m a bit confused by what you’re asking for. I saw the GSP vs BJ Penn fight where GSP was disqualified for his team using vaseline all over his body? I want your help in increasing my speed…. Preparation here is about hard work, pure and simple. Some people will be on Youtube looking for last-minute tips. The goals of a fight camp are dependent on an athlete’s physical condition. I’m sure that your cousin’s drunken boyfriend who boxed in the army means well when he is trying to teach you the punch that he won the regiment championship with in 2002, but it won’t help you win fight night. Instead of putting so much weight and expectation on every fight….see yourself as going through a journey and that after X number of fights, you will be where you want to be. And deep inside, you keep wondering if you’re ready. He kept it cool but man, we all wanted to kill the guy. I am cornering my nephew in his first ever kickboxing fight tomorrow. I was always good but it took time to be comfortably good and to be able to really relax in there and have fun. In the business world, negotiating often comes down to tempo and control. l am preparing for it…need some Xtra tips from you -> [email protected] …………. Find out who has your mouth guard, or better yet, keep it in your pocket. As the fight gets nearer, fight week can be a daunting time and in many cases where the fight can be won or lost. For your useful information . Treat it the same way you would before a sparring session or before you hit the heavy bag. oh man im a little bit stressed. Appreciate the above tips. Ok some of your expertise pleaseeeee..im 50 had 27 kickboxing... by Justin, Because Winning Gloves got another version as Winning PS- Version/Line, Most of the people use only the MS version. Some people will be on Youtube looking for last-minute tips. It’s hard to adjust what you’re doing if you’re not really doing anything in the first place. Check your equipment. Once your fight is coming up within the next hour, only sip water. Again, there are many ways to lay this stuff out, but the main focus is to avoid overtraining, improve skill and create better athletes. He gave us an in-depth look at exactly what top-level fighters eat every day, from training to fight night. This is just another session in the ring, you might win and you might lose. If you’re going to be fighting shirtless, you can also put some on your chest and shoulders. They really wind me up. If it’s your first fight, you’ll probably get almost no sleep. Think how you’ll prepare, how tight you’ll do your laces, which glove you put on first. Think of doing intervals on a punching bag, sprinting, or doing kettlebell swings. Get a Gravatar! Thank you. I felt like I was about to get into my first pro fight. If you know your opponent is going to be southpaw, then have your partner stand southpaw as well. I was just researching and looking over your fight because I want to be a better boxer within mma. With more people in the UK boxing, more people are experiencing the final week before a contest. Once you get to a certain level, he won’t tell you what to do anymore. Lol so I’m not the only one. STOP THIS SHIT! Reply. I’d advise a five-day taper for three round contests and a ten-day taper for persons boxing championship duration (10 rounds or more) After your last hard sessions, two to three very light and sharp sessions should consist of lose shadow boxing and bursts of pad work, these sessions should never be more than 30 minutes in duration and just there to keep you sharp. The usual places are on the outside of your headgear, a thin layer over your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, and chin. once again. Get yourself a playlist and listen to it – something that gets you in the zone. Oh my god, I read this through and I started getting all excited I don’t have a set date for releasing this yet but I will get to it eventually. (A pro taught me this.). Workout intensity and duration should vary throughout the week. Most people are (much) better in sparring than in a actual fight! This might be the scariest thing you’ve ever done so it’s natural to worry about everything. Move your limbs around, stretch everything. Skipping rope or taking a quick jog around the block is not a bad idea. FIGHT is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. Wear sweats so your body can heat up quicker. I usually have a more relaxed stance (hands at chest level) because I am more about speed and footwork, but my coach does not believe in that, he believes in a more rigid, hard stance (high guard) and does not allow me to do things that I like to do or use my own style. Don’t worry about the getting nervous thing. He should be throwing slow punches and let you slip and duck or counter in whatever way you like. I have the habit of when my opponent comes towards me and lashes out on me sometimes I decide to stand there and cover up then let them hit me and as soon as I find an opening I start throwing heavy ones and get back on them. Check out my guide called “Where to Look During a Fight“. This is a distraction not needed in the final hours before a contest. Start throwing and then FROM THERE, you can start adjusting where they go. I imagine Vaseline would make a difference in MMA because it’s so much harder for your opponent to grapple with you. There is one question I have about fight preparation that I haven’t been able to find the answer to, and it is this: How do we go about “tapering” our work-ups leading up to an amateur fight?

fight week preparation

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