Adjusting my guitar at the heel is a real pain. As a contributor to the Premier Guitar blog, Tony Nagy commented “More than likely you’re thinking about the setup because, in some way, your instrument is not performing the way you’d like. Warning about using the Phillips-head end of the standard Gibson truss rod wrench. AllParts is a good source for replacement truss rods and truss rod nuts. Don’t be discouraged. By tealeafreadinggypsy, May 10, 2008 in Epiphone Electrics. I just read you should always loosen the strings before tightening the truss rod. USING AN INCORRECT SIZED WRENCH CAN DAMAGE YOUR TRUSS ROD NUT. I remember doing it on 2 different 12 strings while tuned up and they straightened right out and stayed put. There should be 3/64-inch between the fret and the string on the treble side, and 5/64-inch on the bass side. All guitar truss rods are alike only with regards to their intended function, to adjust neck relief. Well written but maybe add a few graphics or photos. Today, it's made by Gibson, but it is still prized by jazz and blues musicians looking for a classic sound. If you have any concerns about an inability to turn a truss rod it’s time to consult with a luthier or local guitar tech. The third time I tried to adjust the truss rod, the nut snapped off. FYI, in my local area (Kansas City), the cost to replace a truss rod on a Strat is around $300-350. Always stay on the side of caution when adjusting a truss rod. Before tightening your truss rod it’s always a good idea to give it a short counter-clockwise turn to loosen it. Are they really that much different? This remains the scariest thing I’ve done to a guitar. I found this warning online and agree with it fully. Artisan Luthiers © 2019. If there is a back bow or you’re experiencing buzzing frets, it means you need to loosen the truss rod. If my truss rod (Telecaster) is adjusted at the base of the neck do I turn it the opposite way than if it was at the headstock? Spot on with this write-up, including the cautions about do it only if you are mechanically inclined. Check your relief again, and adjust as necessary. So just curious….. I’ve been working on guitars for a long time. I urge people to understand the purpose for adjusting a truss rod – don’t do it “just because” you think you need to do so. Luckily I have an inexpensive guitar that is teaching me these helpful skills. Setting up the Dot involves adjusting the truss rod to correct for any underbowing or overbowing of the neck because of humidity changes. The website describes it in this manner, "This straightens an up-bowed neck, pulling the peghead away from the tension of the strings. As you overtighten a truss rod you move toward applying more force than it can tolerate. Artisan Luthiers, LLC Truss Rod wrench for Epiphone Les Paul Sign in to follow this . It’s worth noting that a lot of my setups over the years don’t require and movement of the truss rod. I think I learned a little reading this and a few other articles… enough to know I’ll leave it to my tech guy, lol. If you're not sure what you're doing, do not attempt to make these adjustments; have your guitar set up by a qualified professional luthier. (You may want to capo the first string). Nice article, but I’ll leave this work to the pros. Thanks! For an electric guitar, simply, fret the top string at the first and last fret. This helped me to understand how a truss rod works, and that I don’t have to adjust my neck when I try to do a setup. Well written, and easy to understand article. If you bought a used guitar with G-Force Tuners (like I did), you may be interested in downloading the G-Force Tuner Owners Manual. The truss rods on Epiphone acoustic guitars are accessible through the sound hole where the neck joins the body of the guitar. I need to do a setup but can’t find a truss rod adjustment wrench that works. It seems a bit ridiculous to me. Adjust the truss rod with an 1/8 inch Allen wrench. Good article that is easy to understand. Can you explain how to adjust a double-action truss rod with an adjustment wheel? Should I try to put a drop of oil on my truss rod threads? “If you can’t correct the problem in a few full turns, stop. He has written in the fields of education, health, electronics, architecture and construction. PRS switched over to the double-acting truss rod about halfway through the 1992 production year. Fortunately, a local luthier used the StewMac truss rod repair kit to repair it for a LOT less than replacing the truss rod. Thank you for writing this! A lot of us need to know what we can do. Then I added a little more oil and started to tighten it. Unfortunately, this isn’t straight forward as the type of tool you need depends on the guitar. Please add info an adjusting a dual-action PRS truss rod. It helps with reducing resistance when you make an adjustment. Do not over-adjust! It has a purpose, but often it doesn’t need any adjustment when doing a setup. I checked on the web for additional information about the issue and found most Remove the truss rod cover at the head of the neck by unscrewing the screws at the top and bottom. For anybody who doesn’t already know, adjusting the truss rod is not how you improve intonation. Why bother? Decrease Relief Tightening the truss rod by turning it clockwise influences the neck to curve upward toward the strings (convex). This reduces relief, lowering the string action (height of the strings over the frets). Is there a good source to buy cheap truss rod tools? I learned the hard way, if your truss rod is acting up, take it to a skilled luthier. Added new strings and now it’s now playing perfectly. Truss rod seized. You can make additional adjustment to string height by rotating the wheels on either side of the bridge saddle; this will raise or lower the strings. Continue to make adjustments until string buzzing has been corrected and the action is where you want it. Good stuff. Your article helped me to understand how to change my truss rod tension to adjust my string height. I’ll leave it to my guitar tech who does amazing setups. I don’t have to worry about messing it up too much because it’s not an heirloom or something haha. I’m glad he thinks ahead about these things. The PRS dual-action truss rods used to be perplexing to me. I read the article but I’m still not feeling it. Getting that experience includes a level of risk about breaking your truss rod, and stripping out or breaking your truss rod barrel nut. Good job presenting the information on this topic. All Rights Reserved. Temperature changes do some crazy things to the neck. To pinpoint any problems, we need to look at all the factors that affect your instrument’s overall playability, sound, and function.”.4. Fender American, and most MIM’s, have the most reliable truss rods for working for many decades. The single-acting rods used a brass adjusting nut threaded onto a steel rod. European luthier Marguerite Pastella, of Fret Not Guitar Repair, identified five types of truss rods commonly used in building electric and acoustic guitars.2. I tried to replace my broken truss rod. I’m afraid I might break my truss rod so I just get my tech to do it.

epiphone dot truss rod adjustment

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