Allow edamame 10 minutes to cool. Drain cooked edamame and place back in pot with cold water. Garnish with edamame … I’ve never made anything with wasabi … I made an edamame and wasabi hummus that was delish! Prepare frozen edamame according to packaged instructions (typically boiling for 4-5 minutes should suffice. Place edamame in food processor. Combine cumin and remaining hummus ingredients in the bowl of a food processor. Oh my goodness, brilliant idea!! Mix wasabi powder and water in small bowl. Set aside. Combine prepared hummus, wasabi and edamame in large mixing bowl. September 14, 2015 at 6:15 pm. I love edamame hummus, but as written, this recipe is pretty bland. You need about 2x the tahini and bit more lemon juice. Reply. This recipe came about I was planning to make the edamame, pea & mint combo but alas my husbands mint plants had finished and the supermarket was out too – the hummus would still have been delicious without but and I wanted to add a bit of extra zing so thought of wasabi. Puree in food … Blend 3-5 minutes, in batches as needed, until thoroughly combined and almost smooth. I love how traditional this is with the tahini, I have to try it this way!! Edamame + peas + wasabi … Add all ingredients. Faith says.

edamame wasabi hummus

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