The box comes with an expiry date of seven days from the date of purchase. The chocolates were sourced from cocoa beans acquired from places like Ecuador, Trinidad, and Venezuela. One of the most decadent chocolates on this list, Knipschilde Madeline Truffle Chocolate shows its quality with its $250 price tag.. With each bar containing a single roasted cacao bean at the center, bars are even shipped in hand-crafted hardwood boxes that are stamped with the number of the bar. La Opinión. It is considered as the symbol of greatness. The most expensive chocolate are exclusive items and have to be ordered in advance. With a smell like that of cigar, these chocolates have a completely different taste, with various flavors including Italian roasted hazelnut, milk chocolate and more. The luxury brand To'ak, produces chocolate with the very rare variety of Arriba cacao called Nacional cocoa, which some experts formerly believed to be extinct. Noticias And the world s most expensive chocolate goes to Ecuador! The people who wanted to eat the best taste chocolate in the world then this is the best option for them. The chocolates are further dipped in a special chocolate called Amadei which is the most expensive chocolate in the world. This chocolate is made from a single batch of Ecuador sourced dark chocolate. This chocolate egg was sold at an auction for almost $11,107. It features cream infused ganache with Italian truffle oil. A limited-edition chocolate bar that is made from the beans of ancient cacao trees in Ecuador and sells for $385 may very well be the world’s most expensive chocolate bar. A luxury brand of chocolate by the name of To ak takes the prize for purest and most expensive chocolate in the world. Known as one of the most expensive chocolate brands known to man, To’ak chocolates are hand-made using traditional Ecuadorian techniques. To'ak Chocolate is an Ecuadorian luxury chocolate company that was founded in 2013 by Jerry Toth, Carl Schweizer and Dennise Valencia. Source: The last but definitely not the least of the top 10 most expensive chocolates, The Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates has a price of $275. "The chocolate is from a rare and unique cacao in Ecuador where the low humidity is perfect for making the gourmet candy," a KPRC reporter said. To’ak is pronounced Toe-Ahk.

ecuador most expensive chocolate

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