I've moved it to my wife's computer where it'll last forever, I'm sure. German Cherry MX key switches. 4.7 out of 5 stars 423 ratings | 47 answered questions Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. After a bit of looking around I settled on the Ducky One 2 RGB TKL due to limited desk space at work. First time buying a standalone keyboard, up until now I've only used laptop keyboards. Works with Razer Chroma. • The mainframes of this website are equipped with various information security devices such as firewalls and anti-virus systems and necessary security measures to protect the website and your personal data. Very annoying and I'm worried it might break at some point. The keys are very easy to press down and are almost silent. Not sure about the review from E.T. I was considering the One 2 Mini, but I personally like arrow keys. Necessary. CDN$196.99. All of these keys have stabilizers, so there's probably a larger issue here with those types of keys. If you're even considering Ducky One 2, just go for it. Again, this isn't important in the big picture, but worth mentioning. The keys feel great, both the feel of the keycaps and the key presses. It also removes the option of having a context-menu key. Submit your e-mail address to receive free updates and promotions. Only side note I have is that I can%u2019t seem to find a Mac driver for the RGB. 9/10 Be patient, it's worth the wait! Amazing keyboard(Red Switches), great RGB features and the keycaps feel amazing. • During normal browsing, the server will record the relevant actions, including the IP address of the connected device, the time of use, the browser used, browsing and clicking on the data record, etc., as a reference for our website services. Will be buying from here again in the future! Keys are buttery smooth. It's something you do once in a while and then forget about it. Everything about this keyboard feels perfect. MAIN FEATURES Dual-color bezel design With Razer Green color. Pros: The double shot PBT keys are durable and feel like they will hold up for years. Very sturdy and firmly grips to the table with no slide while typing or gaming. Configuring the keyboard per the manual is a little tricky. The new evolutionary trend at Global gaming market. Black replacement keys come in the box, too, in case you prefer a solid black style keyboard. PBT double-shot seamless keycaps Amazon's Choice for "ducky keyboard " Price: $119.00 & FREE Shipping: Color: Cherry MX Blue $119.00 . This keyboard is built like a tank. Mine is a rabbit riding a skateboard, it cracks me up. I'm only using the solid lit mode and it works great for that. OS: Windows OS I probably prefer the keys on my Leopold, but the duckys are still nice. Except for internal research, we will publish statistical data and explanatory texts as needed, but it does not involve Information about a specific individual. I waited 2 months for this board to ship. I like braided cables, but not a deal breaker. You're limited to what modes are available. I'm impressed with the heft and build quality of this keyboard, though as others have mentioned, the backlighting doesn't show cleanly through all the keys (for example, the e in 'Home' is partly occluded, making the key look more like 'Hom'). Unfortunately - The latest firmware update (1.00.02) just broke the DIP switches. The new boards are (finally) USB3.0. I'm certainly sad each time I see my "Hom" button. Great build quality, satisfied with every aspect of the keyboard except for one MAJOR issue. If you are editing videos or playing games that require F1-F12 keys, I would probably look at a different keyboard as well (non TKL). Ducky keyboards are usually pretty great. One last thing. However, the link site does not apply to the privacy policy of this site, you must refer to the privacy policy in the link site. they always throw in some extra colored keycaps a keypuller and a spacebar with awesome artwork on it and a normal one too so thats awesome if you like to change up some of your keys like i do 05. Keyboard Interface: USB Type-C; Design Style: Mechanical; Key Switch Type: Cherry MX Red; Keyboard Color: White; Model #: Ducky One 2 SFfsefs; Return Policy: View Return Policy; $160.49 $160.46 – Free Shipping; View Details . GET THIS BOARD. In such cases, obviously, other switches should be chosen when ordering this keyboard. The silent reds are highly recommended for anyone looking for a mech board, but don't want the click / clack. Regarding the LED lighting: The PgDn, Pg Up, Home, Del, and Pause keys lettering is not consistently bright. I snagged the full size Ducky One 2 RGB PBT, have been using it for a couple months and love this thing. Ducky One 2 Mini is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX RGB Switches and macro support. other thoughts: Longer life expectancy & signal stability I don't know if it will wear off with time, but it feels great for now. Ducky One 2 SF RGB LED 65% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard. Great customer service and very reliable with no problems. The brown switches are a great balance between typing accuracy and gaming. The fact that you can do all of that directly from the keyboard without software is great, but you'll never remember most of the commands. The new board, a "Ducky One 2 TKL RGB," comes with a pink colored enter, back, shift and arrow keys. Considering that this keyboard is around $140 (after tax), and considering the fact that most pictures I have seen online do NOT have this issue, I am incredibly disappointed and will be most likely be forced to either return the keyboard or buy new keycaps, as in it's current state, this keyboard simply looks like garbage. The keyboard feels great, the lighting effects are wonderful, and it works super with linux. Support Keyboard: Ducky One 2 RGB (For FULL SIZE and TKL), YOTD, Shine 7(ANSI, ISO layout) Solid build quality, consistent RGB lighting, and tons of customization options without additional software. The design of the "year of the dog" spacebar looks great. • The law expressly states. The entire look and performance is amazing. Now it's stuck just next to R-CTRL. • When the website commissioned the vendor to assist in the collection, processing or use of your personal data, it will be responsible for the supervision and management of the subcontractor or individual. In order to provide you with the best service, our website will place and access our cookies on your computer. The other colors look great. ). If you need more desk space this keyboard will be perfect. Small gripe I know. If you're connecting it to a USB2.0 port, read the manual as the power settings need adjusted. Works immediately on plugging in, no downloads required. noise, so I just used the bland looking backup spacebar). (NOTE FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Do NOT choose the cheapest shipping option from this site. Ad. The content of the Privacy Policy, including how the Site handles personally identifiable information collected when you use the Site Services. Amazing keyboard. The RGB lighting and effects are very minimal compared to what I could do with the Corsair software with my K70. When I would accidentally hit this while playing a game, it completely disables your keyboard until you press the "end" key. For instance, most of the "e" in the Home button will not illuminate. It actually helps keep my fingers on the keys without any sliding motion. They are readable, but there are dark areas in some of the letters. It's just the perfect amount of friction. Another difference is that the bottom of the new board is white, which creates a very simple and yet stylish aesthetic that the original Ducky One lacked. Gonna get another set of Razer PTB keys for this keyboard. (I have six total Ducky boards here, but this is my first "One 2.") Black replacement keys come in the box, too, in case you prefer a solid black style keyboard. Setting the keyboard to USB 3.0 Power Mode fixed the issue, and I have no issues with the brightness anymore. I've been using mine for almost a week at this point, and I like it even more every time I use it. Ducky attempted to correct this with 3 LEDs underneath the space bar, sounds like a dead LED. I've had it for about a week now and from typing to gaming it gets the job done very well. The RGB is very bright and the different options are great. I went with Browns (I usually go Blue) and I love the feel and sound. Thanks guys!! • When you visit this website or use the functional services provided by this website, we will regard the nature of the service function, please provide the necessary personal information, and process and use your personal data within the scope of this specific purpose; You agree in writing that this website will not use personal data for other purposes

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