Unique 2 way display rack is a great addition to your store. 60"L Extension Rail For Double-Rail Clothing Rack | 1 Set = 2 pcs. Hang multiple dress shirts, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, or jackets on this garment rack. Shop our large selection of z-racks, garment racks, rolling racks, and more. $24.99. This heavy-duty, commercial grade double-rod rack by DecoBros is the best choice if you plan on hanging a lot of heavy garments (think: winter coats.) The center hanging bar can also be used to dry clothes on hangers. Rating Required. Storage racks are the perfect addition to laundry rooms and dressing rooms. In Stock 2767. 60"L Extension Rail For Double-Rail Clothing Rack | 1 Set = 2 pcs. 1 straight 16" arm, 1 slant arm with 8 balls. Write a Review Write a Review. Name Review Subject Required. Now all you have to do is add your clothes to your new pipe clothing rack… I’m going to get my son some slim velvet hangers like the ones that I use so that I can hang the rest of his shirts without destroying the shoulders and have more space. Comments Required. The mobility of a rolling clothes rack also makes it easy … Adjustable height from 48" to 72". The Double Hang Model Rotating Closet Rack: Unique 360 degree revolving storage solution to maximize storage capabilities in any corner; The Double Hang consists of two 24" rods on the front and two 24" rods on the back in a double hang configuration, for a total of 8 feet of hanging space, with shelving on the sides to store shoes, purses etc. If you need space for longer clothing, a shorter lower bar will let the long clothes hang freely from the top bar. I also plan to put up a shelving unit right beside the rack for his folded t … Strong steel tubed black and chrome poles can hold over 200 lbs. SKU: 7071. of garments without buckling or breaking. The double adjustable garment rack is a great rack to store all kinds of garments. This adjustable rack with double rod hanging space provides room for shorter garments, such as pants, sweaters, and shirts. Create extra hanging space for your crowded closet or laundry room using the Double Hang Clothes Rack. We supply households, manufacturers, and universities high quality clothing racks. Decorative Clothing Rack with 2 Arms. Use a hanging clothes rack to sort and hang laundry or choose a heavy-duty option to store your clothing after washing and ironing.

double hang clothing rack

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