Visit Corsica: The 35 Best Places to Visit and Must-See Attractions 1. Located in the north, the city is a good starting point for a trip to Corsica.With its port and international airport, you can easily get there by plane or with the ferries from France (from Nice and Toulon for example) or Italy. Corsica has been able to recover from attacks of intruders and keeping its traditions and heritages intact. We will pick your up privately and start your tour. Corsica was, in fact, sold to France, which lies to the island’s north-west, in 1768. Food and Drink. Get ready to give your taste buds an experience like never before with Corsica's traditional cuisine, influenced by France and Italy. That means that, no matter when you want to travel or what you want to do on your vacation, the Corsican weather is likely to cooperate with you. Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Cyprus, Sardinia and Sicily islands. Corsica is located 12km from Sardinia and it is actually closer to Italy that France! The history that involves Corsica is … Just as Corsica was to France (see below), Sardinia was once Italy's Wild West. We can also arrange a private port pick up. Say that you are in Italy. Like much of the rest of France, wine has a long history in Corsica, dating back over 2,000 years. Know about the traditional music of Corsica. Corsica was part of the Roman world, and then belonged to the Republic of Genoa for many centuries; Italian used to be the official language until the 19th century. Of course, the comparison makes sense. If the definition of country is “territory of nation” or “land of any region” then Corsica is a “country” that is not run by independent government and is not internationally recognized political region. Bastia. 8. The island is located between the west coast of Italy and the north coast of Sardinia (an Italian island) yet it is French. There are so many traditions and historical towns to get to know that Corsica is a unique island! Let’s start this Corsica travel guide with Bastia, t he island’s economic capital.. But we have forgotten to book, so we stroll to Auberge a Magina, an unpretentious spot with a huge, panoramic terrace, serving hearty, delicious Corsican fare: freshly caught tuna, pasta and lots of local red wine. The island of Corsica is one of those small places in the world that are worth visiting. Things to do in Corsica There are very good restaurants nearby, including no-frills La Ferme de Campo di Monte in Murato, and Michelin-starred Le Pirate north of Bastia. You are not in France, but you are not in Italy either.

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