Pines are considered to be a softwood, light weight and less expensive. A common example of a pine species is Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), a tree native to central, eastern and northern Europe. Taking Pine as an example, with hundreds of Pine species, all will give a different final tone to the colour in one way or another. Difference varieties of pine, include yellow pine, which may have a yellow or red color, as well as a fairly deep grain; white pine tends to be pale with a barely visible grain; and red pine, which is the darkest of the pines and has the heaviest grain. This means that oak is heavier and is more wear resistant. They have a timeless, stunning appeal and are considered a classy, stylish and versatile timber for the home. Oak is also known for its strength and durability, It has over 600 species. Species of oak are usually characterised by a straight grain with a medium-coarse texture. The same is true even if sticking with the same type of wood. It has a more rustic look and tends to show off natural characteristics like knots and other flaws. To the naked eye, these two different planks of wood may look and feel exactly the same, but there are many differences which can offer a number of benefits to your home depending on your needs. Oak and pine are two different types of trees. The grain pattern can garner a lot of attention, and may look best in a simpler room. They have two distinct cones on the trees, male and female. What Are the Best Species of Timber for Wood Carving? Its natural beauty and durability makes it a perennial favourite for any home furniture project. Let’s explore the key differences between oak and pine: their properties, uses and benefits. Oaks come in different varieties, such as red oak, which has a dark reddish-brown color and an open grain, and white oak, which is much lighter with a tight, even grain pattern. A number of different species of oak fall under the ‘oak’ umbrella — over 600, in fact! If you don’t know, try to find someone to show you. Pine trees are a type of conifer and have long, needle-shaped leaves, a delicious scent and pale yellow or brown bark. Pine species are usually characterised by a yellow-white sapwood, with a reddish-yellow heartwood. Hence, it is quite popular for furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, as its can survive long and hard use. It has the winning combination of style and substance — undeniable good looks and second-to-none strength. The terms are also used to indicate wood obtained from their respective trees. Oaks are well known for their darker texture and their grain pattern. Oak vs Pine. A type of softwood, pine isn’t as weighty as its hardwood counterparts and is often used to create rustic-style furniture because of its dark knots, textural grooves and light colouring. Oak and pine are two different types of trees. Pine is the most common and abundant type of wood in North America, and there are dozens of different species of pine. There are few similarities between these two wood varieties. The terms are also used to indicate wood obtained from their respective trees. For centerpiece projects, or for furniture you want to last for many years, oak is your best choice. When it comes to wood, we know our stuff at Duffield Timber. Apr 30, 2017 - difference benjamin moore balboa mist and pale oak. Why not also pay us a visit, if you’re nearby? COVID-19 UPDATE: IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES THE HOBBY CENTRE & SHOWROOM WILL BE CLOSED FROM THURSDAY 5TH NOVEMBER. Many couples have stood dumbfounded in the furniture section of Ikea, scratching their heads over the differences between oak and pine. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2020, Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons. It is the typical dilemma for any homeowner. Pine, on the other hand, is a softwood that is typically lightweight as a result of its faster growing time — is softer with less robustness overall. With durability, versatility and eye-catching beauty in abundance, it should come as no surprise why. An oak is a tree in the genus Quercus. Image Courtesy:, The male cones are small, typically 1–5 cm long, and are only present usually in spring. 5. Hence, it is much better for an antique look. That said, pine tree timber does tend to be on the lighter side. Pine, on the other hand, grows faster hence the cheaper price. Some of the most popular uses for pine include: Your choice of oak or pine may be a question of budget. There are dozens of different pine and oak species, but pine is one of the softest woods you can find in common use, and oak is one of the hardest. made from pine so has poor weather resistance. When it comes to cladding for home improvement or commercial projects, cedar and larch are two timber big boys. Bearing in mind the strength and durability advantages that oak holds over pine — including the slower growth rate — it should come as no surprise to learn that oak commands a higher price than pine. There’s nothing quite like creating your own unique masterpiece — but what types of wood are the best for the job? Home Decor. Wood carving is one of the oldest hobbies we have, yet one of the most rewarding. A number of different species of oak fall under the ‘oak… Oak has a gorgeous light-to-tan-brown colour through to golden-medium brown. Oaks have spirally arranged leaves with lobed margins. Pine is also more porous; hence it absorbs paints well. As woods, oaks are considered to be a hardwood, heavy, long lasting and expensive. Then apply a stain or a splash of colour with Cuprinol Garden Shades. Furniture (especially for shorter-term use or painting): desks, tables, beds, chairs and more. Oak and pine are two wood varieties that are often used to make furniture. This isn’t to say it’s flimsy by any means, however! With so many different types, there are as many different shades and colours. This is another mid-range stain color, but with a more neutral base undertone. Oak is also known for its strength and durability, as well as a high resistance to moisture and humidity. Explore. Whoo..eee! For more knowledge and interesting tidbits to help with your next project, check out our guides —. However, pine does not absorb stains evenly, so a natural look or painted look is a better option for pine. If you’re after some bespoke advice, our friendly team of timber experts is only a phone call or email away. The oak wood is generally red in colour and this is the reason why oak furniture usually comes in darker colour schemes. Some species have serrated leaves or leaves with smooth margins. Oak. As woods, oaks are considered to be a hardwood, heavy, long lasting and expensive. Both oak and pine are native to the UK. Pine is also known to be stiff and sturdy and resistant to shock, but it does wear down over time, especially when exposed to heavy use. Oak is much less prone to scratching or denting. The answer to which is lighter, oak or pine, should be a simple one, and most of the time it is. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Oak vs Pine: Appearance Oak. Home Decor Styles. Because of its beauty and strength, oak lends itself well to projects that are intended to last for many years with a lot of use, including designer projects. However, they are actually quite different types of wood. They say blondes have more fun — and creamy-coloured timber is attracting a growing number of fans. Due to its heavy grain, oak might feel more textural. There are various different types of species for each type of tree and have various different types of wood available. Duffield TimberGreen LaneMelmerby, RiponHG4 5JB, Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 4.30pmFriday 8.00am - 4:00pm, DIY Garden Furniture Projects: The Best Woods, Garden Shed Cladding: The Best Timbers To Use, Your Guide to Pale Woods: Types, Uses & Interior Design Tips. Did you know that there are at least 126 species of pine throughout the world? Because of the extra expense, oak is better suited to goods that are expected to have a long shelf-life, such as oak doors or countertops. There is very little difference between the conditioned and unconditioned white and red oaks, but the other three definitely benefited from the pre-stain conditioner. Living Spaces Inspired Home .. The Bottom Line. Pine commonly has a striped or wavy grain, with texture varying by species from fairly rough to fine. Instead of the wood grains picking up redness, you can see they all went a very neutral brown. This is mainly because oaks take a long time to grow; hence quantity or oak is not readily available in abundance. However, the grain pattern may be too bold for some, especially for ones seeking a classy chic finish. Pine on the other hand is more of a creamy white colour. Crucially, oak species are hardwoods, whereas pine is a softwood. There are a about 115 species of pine. As it is heavy, it does not look well with painted, so staining is the ideal choice for oak.

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