ON SALE 11/10/20 Bruce Wayne—murderer?! It may have something to do with the Black Casebook that Bruce liberated from The Joker’s territory in the monumental Detective Comics #1027...but how far will Damian go to avenge this grudge from his father’s past? Can the evil in John’s heart ever be contained? ON SALE 12/8/20 When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Swamp Thing variant cover by DAVID FINCH This classic collection also includes the story of Lex Luthor’s sinister visit to the theme park called Superman Land, Superboy stories, plus features like a map of Krypton, “How to Draw Superman,” “Superman Family Portrait,” and more! $5.99 US | 48 PAGES | FC | DC art and cover by KIRK SCROGGS Turns out there’s a Frankenstein and maybe a werewolf tucked in there, too! The final act of book one of “The Fellspyre Chronicles” begins here! 10" x 13.5" written and illustrated by ON SALE 11/24/20 written by KATANA COLLINS card stock variant cover by JIM LEE The ’80‘s were a truly rad time for comic books. Batman’s clash with Jason Todd continues as he hunts for information on his former Boy Wonder. ONE-SHOT | PRESTIGE FORMAT story by SEAN MURPHY and KATANA COLLINS written by SIMON SPURRIER Watch for the Dollar Comic: American Vampire #1 reprint comic coming soon! ISBN: 978-1-77950-589-7 6" x 9" | Full Color | Age 12 and up | Grade 7 & Up They tell the boy he is special, he is chosen, and that he alone can lead them back to a world dominated by the oppressive Hybrids. variant cover by BRYAN HITCH. Then his father died, and the big man with cold eyes took Gus away. Together, Mera and Arthur are one of DC’s most powerful couples, and when they send out the call, you better believe that everyone answers. art and cover by KIRK SCROGGS. ON SALE 12/15/20 variant cover by KAARE ANDREWS Tell yer comics guy to put you down for alllll the copies! John Constantine faces his final reckoning with the older version of himself who’s been seeding magical chaos all around England, while the lives of all his friends hang in the balance…and that is not a good situation for John Constantine’s friends. $29.99 US | 344 PAGES | FC | DC The Beast’s plan for mass terror and world domination is finally revealed in sick detail, and as humanity spirals toward extinction, there’s a devastating twist. You may think you know the history of the DC Universe…but the truth is far more complex. ON SALE 12/1/20 cover by DAVID MARQUEZ art by EDUARDO RISSO Each world tells the tale of a possible split in reality, or shows how lives vary depending on a single, solitary decision. As the Darkest Knight turns his sights to his true goal, remaking the Multiverse in his image, can Earth’s heroes rally together to make a last stand? Or will they be able to navigate the future...and past...to stop him? CARD STOCK VARIANT COVERS $4.99 US, written by PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON And merging is exactly what our heroes are doing, as the deadly new fusion of the World’s Finest duo emerges to wreak havoc in the name of Brainiac! One bullet robbed Nightwing of his memories and identity. Will Booster Gold help keep Batman Beyond hidden, or will time as we know it become completely undone? cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, is looking to atone for the greatest sin he ever committed: condemning a lover who spurned him to Hell. $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 2 OF 9 | FC ON SALE 1/12/21 PRESTIGE PLUS FORMAT Now, with Dick’s true identity returned, KGBeast is back with one last bullet for him. Bruce Wayne—murderer?! The Flash will have to discover that being faster than his foe may not be enough! Explore Krypton like never before: through the eyes of two teenagers on opposite sides of the same extinction-level event. art and cover by LIAM SHARP But now the shocking news that Superboy has come to live in the 31st century with the Legion of Super-Heroes has awoken Krypton’s greatest foe! One hell of truck robbery, that’s what! ISBN: 978-1-77950-052-6 Arthur is defeated, Mera’s held captive, and Orm’s grand plan is near completion! ON SALE 1/12/21 ON SALE 11/10/20 written by GRANT MORRISON cover by LIAM SHARP art by TREVOR HAIRSINE and GIGI BALDASSINI 1:25 Ghost-Maker card stock cover by JORGE JIMENEZ Spinning out of the events of a world where a single choice by the Flash affected the entire DC Universe, find out what would have happened if Barry Allen had not put things right. cover by JOHN TIMMS written by MARIKO TAMAKI NEW VILLAIN ALERT: THE COMPOSITE BATMAN/SUPERMAN! But now, with just one life left to live and the reincarnation cycle at its end, will Hawkman sacrifice everything to protect the woman he loves from the cursed blade of Hath-Set? Collects Action Comics #583, Detective Comics #500, The Flash #296-298, Jonah Hex #54-55, Superman #423, House of Mystery #286, #290, #294-295, #300, #308, #321, Warlord #42, Wonder Woman #311-312, The Brave and the Bold #200, Weird War Tales #93, Time Warp #2 and #3, G.I. Collects Justice League #40-47 and Justice League Annual #2. written by GEOFF JOHNS $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC cover by CURT SWAN and MURPHY ANDERSON You do not want to miss this issue! cover by TRAVIS MOORE $5.99 US | 48 PAGES | FC | DC written by MARIKO TAMAKI The final battle between Maxwell Lord and Wonder Woman is here—and it’s winner take all in the war-torn nation of Vlatava! Learn the fate of Hawkman and Hawkwoman in a tale that will take you to the edge of time and space! written by AMANDA CONNER, PATTON OSWALT, JIMMY PALMIOTTI, SCOTT SNYDER, BRANDON THOMAS, JAMES TYNION IV, and JOSHUA WILLIAMSON ON SALE 12/15/20 cover by JOHN TIMMS DC BLACK LABEL | AGES 17+ Led by Superman’s nemesis the Eradicator, a genetically engineered, super-powered strike team has come to subjugate Earth. Gotham City’s elusive serial killer, the Starlet, and her mysterious benefactor reach the pinnacle of their power, terrorizing the city and teasing the GCPD with strange clues and a famous new victim. So check out DC's full November 2020 solicitations below - and you can view the DC October 2020 solicitations here and the DC September 2020 solicitations here. Perpetua variant cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU DC BLACK LABEL | AGES 17+ How can Barry Allen beat a foe who thinks three steps ahead? written by DAN DiDIO art by CARLO PAGULAYAN and DANNY MIKI Special guest stars the original Titans prove there may still be some good this team can do in the future. Featuring an appearance by the Justice League and a new foe unlike anything the Man of Steel has ever faced, this epic slugfest is brought to you by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki! ISBN: 978-1-77950-717-4 Turns out there’s a Frankenstein and maybe a werewolf tucked in there, too! $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC cover by DAVID MARQUEZ $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 1 OF 6 | FC A young boy with antlers and deer-like feature wakes in a bizarre and completely foreign world where the last humans struggle to survive. Instead, the Flashpoint Batman—Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father from an alternate timeline—is patrolling the city, dispensing a violent brand of justice. $99.99 US | 872 PAGES | FC | DC For the first time in months, the entire Young Justice team comes together to face a threat bigger than anything they’ve faced before. written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS It’s time Gotham City had a new hero. ON SALE 11/3/20 written by TOM TAYLOR CARD STOCK VARIANT COVER $4.99 1:25 Ghost-Maker card stock cover by JORGE JIMENEZ. All of this plus the future of the Daily Planet revealed! FINAL ISSUE! THE USUAL GANG OF IDIOTS But as Casey delves deeper into the history of his spooky friends—or are they fiends?—he uncovers more than just skeletons in the closet. Less clear, however, is the fate of Aquaman. cover by DALE EAGLESHAM CARD STOCK COVER, written by ALAN BURNETT and PAUL DINI written by KAMI GARCIA $4.99 US | 32 PAGES | 2 OF 12 | BLACK LABEL cover by CHRIS BURNHAM The team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso weave a web of intrigue, crime, conspiracy, and deception as Agent Graves manipulates his “clients” including Dizzy Cordova, who is given the chance to avenge her family’s murders, and a downtrodden bartender receiving the opportunity to exact revenge against the woman who ruined his life. ISBN: 978-1-77950-469-2 There was a problem. variant cover by INHYUK LEE. ON SALE 11/24/20 Collects The Authority #1-12, Planetary/The Authority: Ruling the World, and a story from WildStorm: A Celebration of 25 Years. blank variant cover

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