DANGEROUS D-BOX+ Monitoring and Summing at Flux Studios | Ryan West, The Dangerous Music System at Studio DMI | Luca Pretolesi, Upgrade Your 2-BUS LT's Faceplate | Video Tutorial. Need to work in 5.1, 7.1, 10.2? PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - In great … Enter up to 10 times to win a Dangerous Music D-BOX+ between now and December 31, 2020. The MONITOR-ST/SR combo is simply the most accurate, clear and flexible surround monitoring solution available. No problem, just include as many SR units as needed. No problem, just include as many SR units as needed. The MONITOR-ST/SR handles the complex routing of a surround system with ease. Edmeston, NY 13335 607-965-8011 [email protected] The Dangerous MoniTor sT anD sr Specifications Frequency Response: 1 Hz-100 kHz within 0.2 dB THD+N: < 0.003% in audio band Intermodulation Distortion: <0.003% IMD60 4:1 Low Pass Filter: 57Hz,3pole Bessel/Chebyshev hybrid Crosstalk Rejection: >95 dB Dynamic Range: >110dB Maximum … The Dangerous Music MONITOR SR gives your MONITOR ST system full 5.1 surround ability! Menu. MONITOR ST Monitor Controller with MONITOR SR Surround Expansion & Cabling Kit $ 5,106.93 $ 5,071.97. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Dangerous Music Monitor SR Surround Expansion System for Monitor ST. SPECS: Serial #800; Channels: 8 Input, 8 Output; Analog I/O: 5x DB-25 In, 5x DB-25 Out; Rack Space: 1U; ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes the power supply, a short ethernet cable, 14 DB-25 Adapters, 2 Ribbon DB-25s . As requested by so many clients, the MASTER is now available in the same elegant chassis to coordinate with the entire product line. We’re counting down to 2021. To Contact Form . The key to successful monitoring is dead accurate input and output calibration. FEATURING RYAN WEST. Comes with all the original provided cables and power supple. The Dangerous Music MONITOR-ST is an audiophile-grade, multi-purpose monitor controller for tracking, mixing and mastering that won’t color your sound. Never had a single issue with this unit and as you can see from the pictures it's in excellent condition with only a bit of scuffing on the bottom. Audiophile-grade components throughout for crystal clear monitoring, Expand the MONITOR-ST into an elegant surround system, Programmable remote tethered by a single Cat 5e shielded cable, Customize the analog inputs, speaker sets and dedicated subwoofer output, Audiophile-grade analog stepped-attenuator volume control, Adjust for and store level offsets for different devices, Use with Dangerous Music CONVERT-8 DAC for direct remote control integration and unmatched clarity. Dangerous Music are an American company producing high-quality analogue equipment to help enhance the facilities and interfacing of computer DAW systems. Complete Mixing & Mastering System $ 27,780.00 $ 25,999.00. The Dramatic Redesign of the Most Revolutionary Studio Controller, The Most Advanced Stereo A-D on the Market, Stock in Every Stereo Since the 1950s, for a Good Reason, Next Generation Multi-Channel D/A Conversion. Dangerous Music is now shipping its Monitor ST and Monitor SR monitor control systems, which focus on solving monitoring problems associated with DAW-based recording and mixing in studios that lack a traditional console. This Dangerous Music Monitor SR is in amazing condition in and out. Expansion for Monitor ST Monitor SR Surround Controller The Dangerous Monitor SR is an option to extend an existing ST unit to a Surround Monitor Controller. All connections on the SR are made via highest quality DB-25 connectors, and even with just one SR unit you can instantly manage both your L-R stereo plus sub and your surround array with LFE, all without patching a single cable. Message . Add to cart. Your Email. The Dangerous Music MONITOR-ST is an audiophile-grade, multi-purpose monitor controller for tracking, mixing and mastering that won’t color your sound. Free 2 year extended warranty with online registration. Product Registration Find a Dealer Privacy Policy Terms of Use, ROSS HOGARTH GETS DANGEROUS FOR JOHNNY WINTER TRIBUTE, DANGEROUS MUSIC: CONVERT-AD+ STEREO CONVERTER, WHY USE AN ANALOG SUMMING MIXER? Comes with original power supply and original box. With the SR expansion unit, you can turn the award-winning ST into a versatile surround monitoring system. Need to work in 5.1, 7.1, 10.2? And with the Dangerous Music CONVERT-2 you can connect the ST’s remote and control a number of essential switching functions. As requested by many clients, the MONITOR-ST rack is now available in the same elegant rack chassis to coordinate with the entire product line. $52.00 Shipping. All Rights Reserved. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Just add the MONITOR-SR to your ST system. Designed by the legendary Chris Muth, the MONITOR- ST/SR system handles all of your input sources and speaker routing with crystal clarity and massive headroom delivered from a meticulously designed circuit built from only the highest quality components available. Store Info. Have A Question? The Dangerous Music CONVERT-8 is the perfect DAC for use in a MONITOR-ST/SR surround system. This is a great way to expand your Monitor ST at great price! The MONITOR-ST/SR’s award-winning, ergonomic, intuitive and indestructible remote control puts all of the functions at your fingertips – including individual muting of center, L-R front and rear, and LFE channels. You can even mute and solo channels in groups. There is also a dedicated port for sending the selected input source to a surround metering array. " Dangerous Music MONITOR SR Surround Expansion For Monitor ST. Used exclusively in my smoke free studio and well taken care of. Gain Tracking Accuracy: better than 0.05dB for 6 channels, Crossover: -3dB @57Hz 18dB/Octave modified Butterworth/Chebyshev. Dangerous Music MONITOR SR, Expansion Unit for MONITOR ST Panoramica Questa descrizione è stata tradotta dall'inglese - Leggi la versione originale qui L'unità di espansione Dangerous Music MONITOR SR per MONITOR ST consente di trasformare il MONITOR ST in un sistema di monitoring surround versatile, che consente di lavorare con un suono completamente surround.

dangerous music monitor sr

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