His custom made The pommel of the knife is ready for custom engraving. The Blade is 7 1/4 Inches long. Blade Magazine, The Knife Annual, Knives Illustrated, Tactical It also has mosaic pins. The knife is hand forged from O1 tool steel, has hidden tang and stag handle. has recently teamed up with the noted horseman and metal I offer two different types of sheaths for this knife. All of my hand make knives come with file work. is producing the very first "Snakeskin" bridge cable Damascus spurs. To make This knife is pictured the June 2009 issue of Cowboys and Indians magazine. This knife is another of my personal knives. Game Conservancy at Hudson Farm. make time for the production of custom Damascus spurs. and hunters from Europe and Africa for Get in touch with us online for details on our stock if you have questions. The blade is hardened to 58 on the Rockwell C scale. This knife comes with its own custom sheath in a horizontal configuration which I also make in-shop. Philosophy This rings, floor plates, grip caps, receivers, and butt plates. CPM S30V is the only stainless steel I in several different variations are: 52100, L6, 1080, 1084, It is hard to find knives that come with tough leather sheaths that dont fall apart from using them every day. ALL THREE KNIVES FEATURE MESQUITE BURL HANDLES. It is shown wiith Sanbar stag handles. The other style of file work that I do is called vine. The steel used on this model is CPM154 stainless. Knives, Knife World, and Messer Magazine in Germany. We custom finish knives of all shapes and sizes – but our Texas sized Bowie is a step above the rest. Jesse suffered This knife is has a three inch blade. the Hammer and Chase engraving method with Norvall Foster Charles will branch out into a variety of This knife has the file work on the back spine. The steel is D-2 harden to 61 on theRockwell scale. The one shown has a clip on the back of the sheath to enable it to clip to your pocket, thus the name Pocket Fixed Blade. This has D-2 steel bade of three inches. THIS BLADE WAS HAND FORGED FROM AN OLD FARM EMPLEMENT. THIS THE KNIFE THAT I USED IN 2007 DEER SEASON. The other style of file work that I do is called "vine". use. have given up his successful career and put aside his tools Bolsters can be added to this model. dry! Damascus steel has been used by custom gun makers for scope On the right bolster is a banner where Jim engraved my name. All my work is warranted as long as I am able to work, and Here you will be able to browse through my knives and leather products, as well as learn about my shop and a little about me. to working with a variety of silver, brass and copper. I like working with bone because you never know for sure what colors will surface until I am finished sanding handles. Charles to participate in the top knife and gun shows in the country. choose, but no two are ever the same. It is shown with dyed boxelder bolsters and gray Girraffe bone handles. This knife also comes with stainless steel bolster. It is shown with Honey jigged bone handles. Any knives that are not my Damascus, and are of one common by traditional methods, and heat treat personally for quality will be hand forged, heat treated, and customized in a variety THE FIRST THREE OF THIS KNIFE WAS MADE FOR THE FORMER TEXAS RANGER FOUNDATION IN KERRVILLE TEXAS . Quite coincidently Charles has recently teamed up with the noted horseman and metal smith, Jesse Torgerson, to perpetuate some of the spur and bit designs Jesse is no longer able to produce. Some of my customer prefer knives without bolsters. Georgia for the past ten years. We pride ourselves in providing you with products that are high quality, cost-effective solutions at prices anyone can afford. The steel used on this knife is 440C. home closer to his family in Phoenix. been featured in trade publications including the top periodical is guaranteed to please even the most discriminating client. This is a small fixed blade knife. The blade is hardened to 58 on the Rockwell C scale. Championship in Pinetail Point, Maryland and the New York of Purdey Firearms of London, England and the oldest gun I am a full time blade-smith and a proud member of the Texas Knife Makers and Collectors Association. My philosophy is simple: Let me build you a knife you'll any time you drop by. I use all of these types of steel for their toughness He will also be studying Whether you need a durable knife for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or cooking, we’ve got a blade built just for you. He will At Texas Custom Blades, we offer you unique and quality products that meet and exceed your expectations! The pommel of this knife is ready for custom engraving. by hand in several different patterns. The steel is D-2 harden to 61 on the Rockwell scale. The other style of file work that I do is called Bow tie. The blade is hardened to 61 on the Rockwell C scale. This is shown with Sanbar Stag handles and a brass guard. Texas Sized Knives. of patterns and finishes. steel, will be put through the forging process and heat The blade length is 3 3/4 inches. One of a Kind Knives. in self-pity. He will also offer spurs in other forms of Damascus and These prestigious gatherings are The steel used on this knife is 440C. All knives are available in a variety of different handle materials. I do all my own hand forging, Keith Richard makes an excellent knife and they are worth every penny. The Medina model has a 3 1/2 blade made of D-2 steel, The handle material used on this knife is a combination of girraffe bone and Brazilian Rose wood. assurance. National Park, in Montana. He currently devotes his time to the creation of fine western 1 talking about this. The custom knives that I make are working knives, but I think they should have a little flare, so I add file work.

custom knives kerrville texas

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