Duplicate slides (Slide Sorter view, and in Slides pane within Normal view) Do you want to learn about some new shortcuts? PowerPoint | Select slide below (Slide Sorter view) Opens the Print pane in Backstage view for the active presentation Ctrl+L Select address bar in a browser or left align text in a word processor. Expand all groups within the Selection Task Pane, Alt + Shift + + © 2020 ZDNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Move cursor towards left on slide (Normal view) Reset all text formatting to default (select all text in Outline view, and use this shortcut key), Ctrl + Backspace Ctrl+M Indent selected text in word processors and other programs. Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch between the Normal View and Outline view. Access Contextual tabs of the Ribbon – results depend on what type of slide object is selected, Alt + K Access the Tell Me help option (Normal view) Nudge selected slide object downwards, in normal increments even if the Snap to Grid Press W again to resume the show (in Slide Show view), Esc Select or deselect text one line down (for text) Activate the next option or option group within Dialog box Zoom out of a slide, or See all slides (Slide Show view), GShow all slides (Slide Show view) hand-drawn shape options! Switch between open PowerPoint presentations, Ctrl + Shift + Tab Opens All Slides dialog box (Slide Show view), Ctrl + T option is enabled, Down Arrow "image": [ option is enabled, Right Arrow Superscript selected text (press multiple times to change the height of the superscript), Ctrl + Shift + Alt + < Access Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications environment, Alt + Shift + A Select or cancel selection for one paragraph below (for text) Promote (for selected text on the slide or in the Outline view), Alt + Shift + Right Arrow Here's the most comprehensive list of PowerPoint 2019 for Windows Set new timings while rehearsing (Slide Show view), W Change Pointer to Eraser (works only if there are annotations in Slide Show view), Ctrl + Shift + F Opens Font dialog box (select the text or text container first) (click within text container to establish the cursor location first), Ctrl + End PowerPoint Templates | Access Slide Master tab of the Ribbon (Slide Master view), Alt + P ", Press B again to resume the show (Slide Show view), E Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts to help you make the most of PowerPoint. Current Affairs Set-2 ; Pak Affairs. Select or deselect text one line up (for text) "mainEntityOfPage": MS PowerPoint questions and answers for general Knowledge and for exams.Here is the list of Microsoft PowerPoint Mcqs for jobs exams and tests. Learn how you can get more SmartArt graphic variants. Press ESC to close the window. Move to next slide (Normal and Slide Show views), Backspace Press S again to restart the show (Slide Show view), T Comment and share: Ten PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly design presentations. Combine all variations to end up with more than 3000 possibilities. Cycle through tools within a region (Presenter View), Shift + Tab } Mute (works in Normal and Slide Show views), Alt + W Microsoft and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Increase the volume (works in Normal and Slide Show views), Alt + Down Arrow Size selected object(s) thicker in smaller increments than Shift + Right Arrow, Ctrl + Up Arrow Nudge selected slide object leftwards, in smaller increments if the Snap to Grid Previously opened ones after recently opened ones, Ctrl + Shift + F9Turn off/on Home | Ctrl+P: 1.) Move to previous slide (Normal and Slide Show views), Page Down Opens a list of Slide Show shortcut keys (Slide Show view), F2 This is the print version of this page. Go to the previous Bookmark for media clip (works in Normal and Slide Show views), Alt + Up Arrow Move cursor to start of previous paragraph Hide everything except titles within the Outline view Ctrl+O: Open the dialog box or page for selecting a file to open. Access View tab of the Ribbon (Normal view) Show or Hide Selection Task Pane, Alt + F11 Delete the word just before the insertion point, Ctrl + Delete Won’t work for text set to All Caps in the Font dialog Advertise | Access formatting options for a selected chart element, Ctrl + F1 Of course, if you already have a topic, you need not read further, but if you are still looking for ideas, here are ten easy topics that you can use for your Pecha Kucha presentations. Scroll Notes one screenful upwards in Presenter view, Ctrl + Page Down But what are simple topics, that excite you, and are interesting to your audiences? Animation attributes. Open PowerPoint Help Window (all views except Slide Show view) Or do you want to know if your favorite keyboard shortcuts are documented? Hide and unhide Ribbon, Title Bar, Quick Access Toolbar, and Status Bar, Ctrl + F5 If nothing on your slide is selected, goes to the first slide Plus you get the lines and arrows in 12 brush stroke styles too. 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ctrl k in powerpoint

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