Ctrl + H: Find and replace: Ctrl + I: Italic font: Ctrl + J: Justify text: Ctrl + K: … Ctrl+U. Ctrl+Shift+W. Ctrl+B. Apply double-underline formatting. Apply underline formatting to the words, but not the spaces. Apply bold formatting. Ctrl+I. Ctrl+Shift+K. Apply italics formatting. Ctrl+Shift+D. Apply small caps formatting. Ctrl+Equal sign (=) Apply superscript formatting. Apply subscript formatting. CTRL + H = Replace text with another text or replace text with different formatting CTRL + I = Italicize text CTRL + J = Justify text CTRL + K = Open Insert Hyperlink window CTRL + L = Left align text CTRL + M = Indent a paragraph from the left CTRL + N = Open new Word document CTRL + O = Open an existing Word document CTRL + P = Print Word document Ctrl+Shift+H. Apply underline formatting.

ctrl+h in ms word

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