By continuing to browse the site, closing this banner, scrolling this webpage, or clicking a link, you agree to these cookies. Which take you to the beginning and end of a line. Windows: I too cannot get to the Top or Bottom of a document in Word for Mac by using either the Function + Right/Left Arrows or Command+Up/Down (or Right/Left) Arrows. Is your alt/option key also mapped to Alt_L by default? document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aff5139671b91712edf96d20cc38e856" );document.getElementById("c4e2f1de03").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); About OSXDaily | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Sitemap. So annoying to have to press Function+Up Arrow about 60 times to get to the top of a document when the documents I use are over 100 pages. Chrome) – show end of page – Home key, non-editable page (e.g. I want the ‘insert’ key for operating mainframes in Macbook pro. Zum Ausführen von Aktionen oder Kurzbefehlen. I don’t have a fn key on my mac keyboard. Now close X11 and the ALT mapping works. Although there’s certain apps that don’t work exactly the same way, for instance Adobe CS6 (and all prior versions). Nothing works. As you rightly point out this is not possible on a MAC keyboard. I want the ‘insert’ key for operating mainframes in Macbook pro. For a MAC the key sequence to use is actually CTRL-ALT-DEL. If after trying this you still have problems please reply back with details of the remote system you are connecting to, Windows XP or 7 etc.. Re: How to unlock (cltr-alt-end) on Apple MAC, Change  the line:  "keycode  66 =  Mode_switch" to "keycode  66  = Alt_L", Change the line:  "keycode  69 = Mode_switch" to "keycode  69 = Alt_R". In windows, this would be CTRL+left mouse. I even tried FN-CTRL-ALT-CMD-BACKSPACE without luck. It takes it to the end of the paragraph. 3. We have setup a screensaver that locks the screen after some minutes. Thanks for these hints! Hitting the function key with the right arrow will immediately scroll to the very bottom of an open document or page, regardless of how long it is. I now have a smaller MAC keyboard (the wireless keyboard) in US English format. But over-simplification is now looking more complicated for the end user. Most new Mac keyboards are fairly simplified when compared to their PC counterparts, and you’ll find that some of the extraneous keys like “Home” and “End” are nowhere to be found on the Mac wireless keyboard or any keyboard included with a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Cheers, glad you appreciate them! nothing worked for me. Thanks, again. Can you tell me what is the keyboard layout and regional settings of the remote computer? This website and third-party tools use cookies for functional, analytical, and advertising purposes. You can review our privacy policy for additional information. }, Or … You can pick up an external numeric keypad. Thanks for the tip on fn-arrow left and right. I really LOVE the “TIPS” that you post….. always they are useful…… Thank you so much for that! – Cmd+Left Arrow key, editable page (e.g. Hey folks, I use an app called BetterTouchTool which allows you to reprogram gestures and all kinds of things. For me, using Sierra connecting to Windows 7, it’s Fn-Control-Left/Right arrow to do top/end of page. TextEdit) – take cursor to end of page – Fn+Down key – page down, Can you help what should be pressed for “Insert” button to enable? Chrome) – show end of page However, ALT doesn't seem to work. The key combination that worked for me for the alternate of Ctrl+Alt+End on Mac is fn + Ctrl + Alt/Option + Right Arrow + Right Arrow. On a windows PC, the user can press CTRL-ALT-END to unlock the screen. Function + Command + Left/Right Arrow gives file top/bottom respectively. Some of our clients use the MAC connector to connect to our vWorkspace VDI environment. The 'Multi Select' is also not working with the apple connector. But that doesn't work. On a Windows PC the CTRL-ALT-END key combination can be used to send the CTRL-ALT-DEL sequence to the remote session. The only keys that work are fn-up and fn-down, but these don’t go to the start and end of a document, but rather only a page up or a page down at a time. – Cmd+Down Arrow key, non-editable page (e.g. Does anyone know how I can fix this? The Left/Right Arrows are Home/End respectively, the Up/Down Arrows are Page Up/Down respectively. Hitting the function key with the right arrow will immediately scroll to the very bottom of an open document or page, regardless of how long it is. Thanks. – End key, editable page (e.g. 2. This should bringup the file menu. Verwende auf dem Mac die Befehls- und Pfeiltasten, um an den Anfang oder das Ende der aktuellen Zeile zu springen. Are there shortcuts in Mac to move the cursor word-left, word-right? it’s like finger yoga or twister :). Unless they've changed the design of the keyboard recently those operations should be marked on the arrow keys. TextEdit) – take cursor to beginning of page – Cmd+Up Arrow key, non-editable page (e.g. CTRL-ALT-DEL also works. How to Fix iMessages on iPhone & iPad, Errors with MacOS Big Sur Downloading; Update Not Found, Installation Failed, Forbidden, etc. If you wish to log a support case we can follow up and try to get to the bottom of it. Instead is shows the character '2' ? This is incorrect, Home is ⌘+LEFT ARROW and End is ⌘+RIGHT arrow. I’ve been trying to do this forever! I don’t think it’s a shortcut if it’s longer than the other way :-) Instead of pressing a single key though, on the Mac keyboard you press keyboard shortcut to achieve the same desired effect. Befehlstaste. Is this supposed to work for Microsoft Office applications as well? I’m running WFW in Parallels. Control-K: Delete the text between the insertion point and the end of the line or paragraph. Though I find out that for my macbook air “fn+option+right arrow” is working for the “end”. Sorry again, this is for a line…. – End key, non-editable page (e.g. Using cmd doesn’t work and as I said I don’t have a fn key. TextEdit) – take cursor to the end of line Does anyone know the equivalent of the “Back” key on Windows PC? nothing worked for me. Thanks for sharing, that was the 1st time I used Mac, it takes me long time to jump to end of sites. I know this is an old post but it is irritating that it's high in the google search results and does not have a definitive answer (there is no key labelled Backspace on my keyboard, for instance, and several of the offered solutions produce a local Ctrl-Alt-Delete). – PageUp – page up How do I get true Home and End function in Word 2016 Mac/Windows? This is basically the same thing as pressing the “End” key on a Windows PC, except it’s a keyboard shortcut. The ‘fn’ key on the Mac keyboard is the function button, hitting that with the left arrow will immediately jump to the very top of a page in the active application of Mac OS. Fn+ either up or down arrows gives you Page Up and Page Down functionality. CTRL-ALT-DEL is not working. Fn–Right Arrow: End: Scroll to the end of a document. Can you help what should be pressed for “Insert” button to enable? Thanks for the tip from a newcomer from linux (don’t ask me why I switched :-). FN-BACKSPACE works correctly in documents / terminal. Fn and the right arrow combination does not take a mac user to the end of the page. Shop on and help support OSXDaily! How to unlock (cltr-alt-end) on Apple MAC, RE: How to unlock (cltr-alt-end) on Apple MAC. Sadly, these do NOT work in Office 2016 for Windows or for Mac. For me ⌘+up arrow = fn+left arrow, and ⌘+down arrow = fn+right arrow. I checked the modifier keys and they are correct. Is there perhaps a way that I could connect to this remotely using my MAC, or perhaps look at this further with you?

ctrl+end on macbook

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