Social media enabled the users to quickly respond to the campaign, thus meeting thier goals. Chi Sigma Iota Advocacy Projects: Theme A, Objective 7 . It was one of the largest survivor-led movements. Here are some good sample student advocacy projects from this past year: End Transgender Discrimination Advocacy Project. The villagers were committed to turning themselves into better husbands, fathers, and brothers. In today’s unfortunate world, this incident would have been the opportunity to spread some hate. They used the ‘timed messages’ feature on Snapchat to share selfies of endangered species across the world. Still, there are certain downsides to this social media activism. 0 He was an advocate even before he became a counselor, and that experience shaped how he viewed his training and the counseling profession. The response to the campaign was overwhelming! The movement was launched in 2015. But before the messages faded, they would urge the user to share the message, adopt an animal, or make a donation. Listed below are fourteen (14) advocacy projects designed to achieve this objective. Ongoing Clinical Mental Health Counseling Political Advocacy Projects: On February 25th, 2015, during Advocacy Week, Dr. Kendra Surmitis of NAU-Tucson worked with the newly minted Chi Sigma Iota members in Tucson to host a political advocacy awareness session regarding ACA/CACREP advocacy. But they do not tell organization which channel had the most impact in bringing them donors, or to what extent social media helped in boosting attendance for an event. Fast forward to now and not much has changed. On September 2014 a viral video of Ray Rice (a former running back) of Baltimore Ravens assaulting his wife and dragging her unconscious body in an elevator sparked a critical debate on the internet: “Why can’t the victims of domestic abuse just leave?”. Your Followers Not Signing Your Petition? Without such hard numbers it is difficult for small organizations to constantly spend their funds on one channel. Each of those messages would be on for 10 seconds (timed remember?). As an article rightly pointed out – terror does not have a religion. If you need to engage them in a conversation, then Twitter would work. Are there down-sides to advocacy campaigns using social media? Within the first 24 hours, the videos had 4 million views, 1 million per video. The examples of activism we saw above were those that were strictly powered through social media. The campaign ads were smartly launched on popular national television channels so as to target 12-24 year old demographic. In their video, the UN Women made a call to mobilize the first 100,000 men which were achieved within three days of its launch. People on board = counselors/other stakeholders decide to advocate 3. On the ground and empty = airplanes and certain demographics 2. Peaceful gatherings to register dissent, marching together against a joint goal etc., still have as much impact as it once did. Former President Barack Obama, actor Matt Damon, and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon were the first ones to take up the cause. Lakshmi is a marketer and writer for the CallHub blog. Measuring likes, shares and comments are all well and good. Advocacy Project Ideas. The campaign made use of the popular #BeLike meme with humorous spin-offs. Otherwise, it will be impossible to keep funnelling resources into that channel. And it all started because courageous survivors used social media to share. Justice was swiftly served – he was sentenced to life in a maximum security mental health center. Here are a few examples of how social media has helped unite people over a common issue. Subscribe to Our Email List. Twitter (social media) provided them with a place where they could vent, be heard, and get a response. Using GIF’s made the campaign popular among younger audiences ( their target segment ) and selling merchandise helped increased donations. It should be noted that not Hashtag activism is not always this successful. The video demonstrates how every time an individual tries to rationalize social smoking, Big Tobacco gets paid. Within 24 hours of its launch, HeForShe saw an 82% increase in Twitter followers, a 305% increase in Facebook likes and 3500% increase in Instagram followers. So it is close to impossible for an organization to reach out to a non-supporter and convince him of their cause. But it was not before a video of the actual incident was made public on social media. Individuals facing emotional or psychological distress could engage in a positive conversation and find the support they needed. Tumblr launched the “Post It Forward” campaign in 2015 to promote positivity and support within online communities. It won several awards for the innovative use of the popular meme #Firstworldproblems. Our advocacy project consisted of an infographic to inform the public about transgender discrimination in the United States paired with an online petition to show lawmakers that this is an important issue in the … The #Firstworldproblems meme is associated with tweets about trivial life burdens of people such as forgetting the last name of the maid while writing a cheque or leaving clothes in the washer for so long that it smells. Provides a common platform to share stories. 763 0 obj <>stream It struck a chord with audience across the globe because it used a social media feature to get their message across. Unless the organisation has a social media expert on their team, or by chance get the attention of a celebrity (and thus go viral) they cannot cut through the excessive content and be heard. The campaign caught the attention and was supported by some very important people like ex VP Joe Biden, celebrities like Brittany Snow, Pete Wentz, Jordin Sparks, Elizabeth Banks, Wendy Williams and First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray. An advocacy speech attempts to use ideas to argue in support of a particular subject or viewpoint. It is important to understand that social media activism (Hashtag activism) can never replace traditional protests. These examples drive home a simple fact. So, in this post, while we take a look at a few awesome examples of advocacy campaigns, we will also look at how social media helped them become big. h�bbd``b`�$W��@ ��$&" &c�"�A�H"���iS.��Ĥ�L�[email protected]�H"�34^ 0 � These personalities helped jump-start the conversation by sharing their personal stories and advice. Thankfully social media was there to help people register that fact. Instagram influencers like Logan Paul, Allicattt, Jerry Purpdrank, and Christian DelGrosso co-produced these humorous videos. The result? 1. The YouTube video received over 6 million views and several thousand shares over various social channels. Take a look at the top social media channels used by advocacy organizations: Successful advocacy advertising campaigns have always had social media boosting them on. Required fields are marked *, Try CallHub texting and calling tools for free, Send personalized texts, receive responses and build your subscriber list, One to one text message conversations at scale. I am currently debating between three different three potential advocacy topics. Email Address. The iconic march is remembered for the women rejecting makeup, bras, and anything that made them conform to a stereotypical beauty (they threw it into a Freedom Trash Can. While it took a lot of courage for the women to come out and share their stories, it was possible because they had a common platform to do it in!

counseling advocacy project ideas

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