I like to enjoy them as part of an easy lunch too, paired with a fresh an vibrant salad. Just let them cool to room temp and place in a freezer safe container. Set your mold into either the air fryer basket or tray. Whisk well to combine. This post may contain affiliate links (disclosure). Required fields are marked *, I'm Melanie, and I am so glad to see you here in my happy place! They are totally satisfying on their own as a quick and easy breakfast option, but they are really great as a lunch box option too. Your email address will not be published. Then spray your egg mold with olive oil spray. These egg bites are super quick and easy to make. Second Tip: Do not add any butter, they butter carmelizes and therefore burns, so you either get a burned egg or runny egg. Share a photo and tag us — we can't wait to see what you've made! The Accessory Kit Comes with the following: An Egg Bites Mold – to cook eggs … You can use a brownie mix to make Instant Pot Brownie Bites. Packed with ham and green onions for the most delicious grab and go breakfast or snack. Filed Under: Air Fryer, cooking Tagged With: afbreakfast, afeggs, keto, Your email address will not be published. They fluff up so wonderfully and the texture is so creamy and light. You can now do this with air fryer egg bites! It’s such an easy way to enjoy those Starbucks sous vide eggs at home! Try them with: I just love how quick and easy it is to make these egg bites in the air fryer! I love using my Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) for all of the recipes, I usually use my burner stove for, they are faster and require less clean up, plus my son travels a ton for hockey, so I can take the Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) on the road, so it saves me money by not eating out at restaurants, since eating out with 20 hockey-playing boys gets very expensive, very soon. In a small mixing bowl, mix together the eggs, milk, cheese, salt and pepper. I wanted to see how well they worked together and wanted something I knew would fit into the square pan with no issues. Cover each mold with a paper towel and then cover with foil. * While air fryer is preheating, crack three eggs into a small bowl and add the milk, spices and herbs. The key to perfect scrambled eggs is to beat the eggs. I love the slightly crispy top and the middles are super moist and tasty. Set the temperature to 330 degrees F (air fryer setting) for 5 minutes. https://vortexrecipes.com/instant-vortex-air-fryer-egg-bites Henckels 6-Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef’s Kitchen Knife,  Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, 5 Piece Set, Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring Cups Set-6 Piece Stackable Set with Spout, Anchor Glass Measuring Set–This is one of the handiest tools in the KitchenÂ, OXO Good Grips 12 Inch Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs, Air Fryer, Cheesy Egg Bites (KETO Friendly). When I bought this Cosori Air Fryer, I purchased the Air Fryer accessories along with it too. Instructions Spray the inside of cups of silicone mold thoroughly with a cooking spray. Do not use the cover that comes with the egg mold in the air fryer, the egg bites should be baked uncovered. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Fill each mold about ⅔ full. They will keep frozen for up to 3 months. Your email address will not be published. ★☆ If you don’t have an air fryer, you ca make these in the oven. You can then reheat them right from frozen to serve by cooking them in the microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. At the end of this post I will share 50 plus recipes to choose from. Yes! Add the green onions and ham (or other toppings) to the silicone egg mold and cook in the air fryer. Copyright © 2020 Fork To Spoon on the Foodie Pro Theme, What you need for a tool is simple, a good whisk, I have thisÂ. More about me >>. Stack the molds … This is such an easy breakfast, and it’s KETO friendly. Meanwhile, in a large measuring cup with a pouring spout, combine the eggs, milk, salt and pepper. ★☆ If you are like me through all of your kids like eggs differently, whether they are soft boiled, over easy, poached or as my son will call them dunkie eggs. Alternatively you can thaw them in the fridge overnight. Top the egg bites with shredded cheese. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can easily make them vegetarian by simply omitting the ham. Cook the egg bites in the air fryer at 360F for 12 minutes, or until the eggs are set. Air fryer. And that’s it, so easy right?! Then spray 2 egg bites molds with a bit of nonstick cooking spray. Keywords: starbucks egg bites air fryer cosori egg bites sous vide eggs in air fryer cosori egg bites air fryer air fryer eggs air fryer eggs over easy air fryer eggs ramekin scrambled eggs in air fryer. Ready to serve in 20 minutes, these sous vide eggs come out perfectly light and fluffy every single time! Directions: * Set the air fryer to 370 degrees and press the Preheat button. Follow the directions on the box to make the brownie batter. They are a great way to use up bits and pieces in your fridge, try adding in: You can also add in herbs like chives and parsley to the egg mixture. ★☆. After 5 minutes check and make sure the eggs are lightly browned on top, Kitchen Items Used: (Note: Affiliate links are included in this post), J.A. In a small mixing bowl, mix together the eggs, milk, cheese, salt and pepper. Make sure you never miss a single recipe! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Wonderfully light and fluffy they are a great make ahead breakfast option, ideal for busy mornings! These are copycat versions of the same thing Starbucks sells, but at a fraction of the price. Add the chopped green onions and ham (if using) and put the silicone mold in the air fryer basket. These air fryer egg bites are amazing! This is one of the simplest recipes, although to figure out the cooking temperature and time, I did burn a few eggs. These delicious egg bites are so quick and easy to make in the air fryer and you are guaranteed the most perfect results each time! Gluten-Free, Keto / Low-Carb, Paleo, Vegetarian.

cosori air fryer egg bites mold

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