I can't seem to find a recipe to cook Scalloped Potatoes in an Electric Roaster Oven for large groups. Grease roaster oven, put in the potatoes, pour the sauce on them. TO PREPARE THE POTATOES: Cook potatoes until they are about 2/3 done, pour off the water and when cool enough, skin them and cut in 1 to 1 1/4 inches cubes. Pour mixture of half and half and sour cream between layers and repeat the process. Can anyone help. Serve the roasted potatoes with your favorite meat dish, and … If you do not use dairy, though, water will do just fine. Potatoes are good prepared in a variety of ways, including baked, boiled or scalloped. Cover roaster oven and cook until the potatoes are done. You can use milk, cream or even yogurt for this. Season as desired with salt & pepper then cook on medium-click-low until done. Thanks much. One of the best boxed scalloped potatoes hacks is to make sure that the instruction on the back of the box is followed carefully. Also, use a lot of liquids in the cooking to make sure that the potatoes completely soaks the sauce. Process the potatoes using the #4 cone. Dec 3, 2017 - Countertop electric roasters provide a convenient and energy-efficient alternative to the full-sized oven in your kitchen. They're especially useful during large get-togethers, when there are multiple demands on your main oven. Add more potatoes and onions in layers. If you have a roaster, you can take advantage of the handy piece of kitchen equipment to make succulent, golden-brown roasted potatoes. Arrange a layer of potatoes and onions on bottom of 4 qt roaster.

cooking boxed scalloped potatoes in a roaster

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