It is highly unlikely you will be too low, as low B flat is the lowest note playable on a trumpet … It probably looks like this: It’s actually something better referred to as the “concert Bb scale for Bb Trumpet” and it’s probably what you’re looking for. This is a D. The first and third valves are down, low air. The first note is a low C. All valves are up, relaxed lips, low air. I apologize for the odd angle. Here is how to learn to play a Trumpet B Flat Major scale. This scale will work for any instrument built in Bb (like clarinet, tenor sax, baritone Treble Clef etc.) The first note of the B flat scale is B flat. The Bb Major Scale for Bb Instruments. & w 13 D #w bw 23 D# 23 Eb w 12 E w 1 F Bb … Play a simple scale on your B flat trumpet. Buzz as low a note as possible while holding down the first valve. B flat is played by pressing down the first valve (the one closest to the mouthpiece). Trumpet in B b & c #w F# 123 w G 13 #w bw G# 23 Ab 23 w A 12 Bb Tpt. Trumpet/Baritone T.C. Major Scales Circle of Fifths (Sharps) C Major (Concert Bb) G Major (Concert F) D Major (Concert C) A Major (Concert G) E Major (Concert D) B Major (Concert A) F# Major (Concert E) C# Major (Concert B) ENHARMONICS: A# = Bb B# = C C# = Db D# = Eb E# = F F# = Gb G# = Ab Ab = G# Bb = A# Cb = B Db = C# Eb = D# Fb = E Gb = F# ORDER OF SHARPS = F C G D A E B. & #w bw A# 1 Bb 1 w B 2 w C Open #w bw 123 C# 123 Db Bb Tpt. Be sure to kick out your slide a bit when you play this note, or else it will be out of tune.

concert b scale trumpet

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