Both the Denman Brush D3 and D31 brushes have seven rows of pins. Curly Hair THE PERFECT BRUSHES FOR BLOW-DRYING, DETANGLING AND DEFINING CURLS. With their medium size, they are suitable for short to medium hair. The nylon bristles sit on a pad made of half-rubber materials, which are perfect for smoothing hair. The bristles are made of nylon materials and set in a pin style, meaning they have a space or gap between them. The difference between these brush types is as follows: Denman Brush D3 has more pins, which are closer together. The Denman brush for curly hair will only work its magic if you buy the right one. View. This item Denman Classic Styling Brush, Model D31 Denman Free Flow Wide Spaced Pins 9 Row Hair Styling Brush - 3-in-1 Styling Tool for Creating Volume, Detangling Thick Hair and Defining Curls, D41 Denman Classic Styling Brush 7 Rows - D3 - Hair Brush for Blow-Drying & Styling – Detangling, Separating, Shaping & Defining Curls D31 Denman Brush; D83 Denman Brush D83; These are the most popular for hair styling. I’ve used different hair brushes for curly hair, so with this blog I will answer your question: “which Denman hair brush should I buy: a D41, D31, D4 or a D3 Denman brush”? The Denman Brush: D3 and D31. This is after I've detangled with my fingers and a Jilbere comb in the shower with condish and under running water. D41 Freeflow Styler 9 Row. This brush is therefore suitable for improving your curl definition. ... D31 Freeflow Styler 7 Row. I think the D41 is slightly larger and has 2 extra rows, but the rows are just as evenly spread as the D31. 3-in-1 styling tool for creating volume, detangling thick hair and defining curls. I use the denman to smooth sections with leave-in and styler prior to twist-outs (my main style).

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