Start by removing shoots that have bloomed. Group 1: Early bloomers. A Quick Guide to Pruning Clematis Groups of Clematis For pruning purposes, clematis are placed into three different groups based on their time of bloom. You’ll want to make your prune just above the node. Spring blooming clematis bloom on last year's wood from buds produced during the last growing season. How to Prune Your Clematis. When to prune a clematis? Branches are clad with attractive dark green leaves. Flowering occurs from late spring or early summer to fall. By pruning you control size, keep the plant trained to its armature, and create the space for new growth to replace old wood. How To: Pruning Your Clematis Flowers December 10, 2013 / 0 Comments / by Chirs Work Pruning Type 1 Clematis Flowers. A compact, early, large-flowered clematis to bloom, Clematis 'Bourbon' produces masses of large, bright raspberry red flowers, up to 5-6 in. Pruning is one garden job that confuses many gardeners. across (12-15 cm), adorned with paler pink bars and yellow stamens. On your clematis you want to find a node (also called a leave axil bud) which is a joint on the stem where buds begin to branch out. Clematis fit into three pruning categories: early flowering, late flowering and large flowering. If you’re not sure which group your clematis belongs to, let it flower, take note of when it blooms and what kind of flower it produces, and prune accordingly. View the list of clematis varieties to see which type your clematis is. Early-flowering types bloom by early July on stems produced in the previous year, and two types of late-flowering types bloom in mid-summer on current season’s stems. These should be pruned immediately after blooming, but only if necessary and no later than the end of July in order to give the plant enough time to produce new buds for next year. Type 1 clematis are those that bloom the earliest in your garden or on your patio in containers. Some bloom on new growth and others on growth from the previous year. These clematis form buds in the previous season that are ready at the first signs of warming … Read more Take a step-by-step approach to pruning clematis. In pruning clematis, your overall goal is to create a plant that will flower strongly each year at various heights from ground level to a comfortable height where you can enjoy and reach the plant for maintenance. Viticella and tangutica clematis as well as the herbaceous or non-twining clematis can be classed this way (Group/Type 3 or C). Clematis are split into three groups depending on when they flower, which affects how and when they are pruned.

clematis pruning types

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