… Claytonia perfoliata (Miner's lettuce, Winter Purslane, Spring Beauty, or Indian lettuce; syn. Publication Author Clapham, Tutin and Warburg. Claytonia. Hardiest of the winter salad greens, can be grown all winter in our climate. Tastes like: It smells citrusy and tastes like earthy lettuce. Known Hazards None known Botanical References. Winter Purslane, or Miner’s Lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata, is an attractive edible plant which can be found in winter and spring in many parts of Norfolk.I grow it on my allotment, where my plants are the self-seeded descendants of plants grown from a bought packet of seeds about ten years ago. 17. Claytonia (Claytonia perfoliata) This edible weed is a nutrient-packed plant that contains plenty of vitamins. Claytonia perfoliata A beautiful, tasty, cold-hardy salad green, which produces large quantities of delicate heart-shaped leaves, each wrapped around a white-flowered stem. Title Flora of the British Isles. Its nickname, miner’s lettuce, comes from the fact that back in the day it was eaten by miners to stave off scurvy. Claytonia perfoliata. It is harvested from the wild for local use as a food, medicine and source of materials. Miner's Lettuce - Claytonia perfoliata Edible plant - novice Other common names: Winter Purslane, Indian Purslane, Spring Beauty Scientific name meaning: Clayton is arrived from the name of a botanists in the 1600s - John Clayton. In stock. Days to Maturity: 40 days. Claytonia perfoliata is an annual plant that can grow up to 0.15 metres tall. Thank you to Marcela for the beautiful image! 1946. Ideal for winter hoophouses; will survive frost and multiple cuttings. Direct seed 1” apart. Search. Primary Menu Skip to content. Unique round to heart-shaped leaves line the tender stems, each of which ends with a tiny white edible flower. Just to correct a common misconception, apparently held by many european settlers, any area with pines, firs or spruces offers an abundant year round source of Vitamin C held in their needles. Southeastern Arizona Wildflowers and Plants. "Per" means "through" and foliata, refers to the foliage. SKU. Montia perfoliata) is an annual herb in the Montiaceae (Montia) family. Books; FAQ; Contact; Search for: Annuals, Edible Plants, Herbs and Forbs, Native Wildflowers and Plants, Perennials, Portulacaceae - Purslane Family, Riparian and Wetland Plants, Spring Blooming Plants, … Image: Claytonia perfoliata. It is native to a large portion of western North America, including almost every county in California. Starting at: As low as $2.95. How to identify: Look for a plant with round, almost heart-shaped leaves. Perfoliata comes from Latin. View photographs and a description of the plant Claytonia perfoliata, commonly known as Miner's Lettuce.

claytonia perfoliata edible

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